Workers Comp Attorneys Collect Benefits for Overexertion

Collecting Workers Comp for Overexertion –

We’ve all “overexerted” ourselves from time to time. But many employees do not realize that in certain cases workers comp benefits are available for “overexertion” injuries. In fact, according to a study from the Department of Labor, overexertion is the number one cause of workplace injuries that are eligible for workers comp in California and across most of the country.

In this article our experienced Long Beach Workers Comp attorneys explain the medical condition of “overexertion” and the resulting injuries that may qualify for workers comp in California.

What is an Overexertion Injury for Workers Comp?

Overexertion occurs when a worker lifts, pulls, pushes, carries, turns or throws something – exceeding what the body can handle – resulting in bodily injury. Reaching, climbing, standing and walking can also result in some overexertion injuries that may lead to a workers comp claim. Overexertion is estimated to account for 25.3 percent of disabling workplace injuries.

Overexertion injuries can be “chronic” – caused by the stress on a body part from doing a particular task repeatedly. Or, overexertion injuries can be “acute” – caused by a single incident, such as lifting something that is too heavy.

Overexertion may stretch or tear ligaments, tendons, and muscles – causing sprains or strains and other musculoskeletal injuries of the neck, shoulder, back, ankle, knee, arm, leg or wrist.  While back, neck and arm injuries are the most common workers comp injuries caused by overexertion, conditions such as heatstroke or frostbite are also considered overexertion injuries.

Our Attorneys Collect Workers Comp for Overexertion Injuries

If an employee sustains either an acute overexertion injury at work, or a chronic overexertion bodily injury developed at work over time, they may be eligible for workers’ comp.

Our experienced Long Beach workers comp attorneys have collected millions of dollars in workers comp benefits for employees who have suffered overexertion injuries.

Once your workers comp claim is approved, you will receive medical expenses for care related to the injury, as well as a weekly, disability payment for time you lose at work due to their injury. In most cases of overexertion injury partial (temporary) workers comp benefits can be collected. However, in cases of extreme acute injury from overexertion (for example loss of fingers from frostbite, or a broken spine from heavy lifting) total or permanent workers comp benefits may be able to be collected.

Individuals who are in poor physical condition or overweight may be at greater risk for overexertion injuries. Similarly, older workers who may have weaker joints or a loss of flexibility may also be at increased risk of sustaining an overexertion injury. However, as long as the actual overexertion that caused the injury occurred in the workplace, the employee should be eligible to collect workers compensation.

Overexertion can also occur when a worker becomes fatigued – and must perform a job where that their body no longer has the capacity to handle. Overexertion injuries can also result from of an employee being asked to do a job that he or she has not been properly trained to do.

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