10 Most Common Workers Compensation Claims (Part 1)

Experienced Los Angeles Workers Comp Lawyers Discuss the Most Common Types of  Injuries

Nobody ever expects to be injured on the job. Most reputable employers dedicate a large amount of time and money to educating employees on safe practices, and keeping facilities up to safety codes.

Tragically, though, accidents can happen to even the most diligent employees in the safest of workplaces. And, unfortunately, less scrupulous employers may “cut corners” on safety – resulting in injury or illness to their workers.

In fact more than 1 million injuries happen in the workplace every year.

Here are the top ten most common workers compensation injuries, as well as the positions that file the most claims every year.

1) Overexertion – Los Angeles Workers Comp Lawyers

Lifting, pulling, pushing, moving or throwing something is surprisingly the number 1 cause of workplace injuries. Rather than a catastrophic event – this usually happens with day-to-day regular activity. When a muscle is pulled, a joint is forced to move beyond its typical range of motion, or too much weight is put on the spine (vertebrae) injury occurs.

According to a study from the Department of Labor “overexertion” is most commonly seen  workers compensation claim in factory and construction jobs.

2) Tripping or Slip and Falls – 

The Department of Labor reports that trips and falls are the 2nd most common basis for work injury.  Slipping on wet floors around the workplace are a primary contributor to this type of injury. Falling on snowy walkways in outdoor employment also contributes to this.

For this reason store clerks, security workers and groundskeepers show the highest incidence of slip and fall work related injuries.

3) Falling to a Lower Level 

This includes falling off a ladder, falling off a roof, or falling down a flight of stairs.

Obviously roofers falling from a roof or construction workers slipping off a multi-level workspace are a greater risk for this. But did you know that teachers falling down stairs are also a large segment of employees injured by falling to lower levels?

4) Bodily Reaction to a Fall – Los Angeles Workers Comp Lawyers

A bodily reaction to a fall is an injury that occurs when one trips or slips – but avoids falling – yet still sustains injury such as a twisted or sprained ankle.

This type of work related injury giving rise to a workers compensation claim is most commonly this is seen in police officers and nurses.

5) Being Struck by an Object – Los Angeles Workers Comp Lawyers

Most people guess that this would be number one on the list of workplace injuries! While still very common, this injury occurs most commonly when something falls off a shelf. It can also happen (though less frequently) when an object is or dropped by another worker onto a worker at a lower level.

Retail workers and warehouse employees are the most likely to file a workers compensation claim for being struck by something – followed by construction workers.

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