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Tips for Preparing a Social Security ApplicationLawyers Long Beach

Knowing exactly what you should have ready before you apply for Social Security disability doesn’t just cut down on the stress of the application process. Having everything compiled that you need to apply for Social Security Disability also prevents delays and leads to collecting your benefits more quickly.

Our experienced Long Beach Social Security Disability Lawyers have helped thousands of SSD applicants prepare for submitting their Social Security claims, so that their benefits will be approved as rapidly as possible.

Below is a list that our Long Beach Social Security lawyers have compiled to help you get ready before you submit your application. Whether you hire an attorney to ensure the best chance of success – or you decide to take a chance and “go it alone” – it is imperative that you have as much of the following information ready before your application process begins, as possible.

Compile this before applying for Social Security Disability: Lawyers Long Beach

1. A list of every one of your doctors’ names, addresses and phone numbers.
2. Date(s) of your last (most recent) visit to every one of the listed doctors.
3. A list of every prescription medication you are taking (or have taken) for the disability, including dosages. (Note: Your pharmacy will usually print this out for you.)
4. A list of all hospitals, clinics or institutions – including addresses & phone numbers – where you are or were being treated for your disability.
5. The names, addresses and phone numbers of any medical social worker or therapist(s) who have worked with you on your case.
6. A complete list of all of your employment for at least the past fifteen years. Try to include employer’s name, address and phone number. If you do not have complete detailed information, try to include as much as you can (e.g. “Waitressed at a Big Boy in Barstow, CA that is now closed – from Jan. 207 to Feb. 2008”). Do not leave any “gaps” where work that you performed is not listed.
7. Original proof of age for yourself- such as an original birth certificate- which the SSA will copy & return.
8. Proof of birth dates of your spouse and your children.

In addition to having all of the information listed above at the ready, any medical or employment records that you can supply to the Social Security Administration will make your claim move faster. While Social Security does have the obligation to obtain records from any doctors or medical treatment sources that you specifically list, it can take them a long time to collect it, due to backlogs in their system. Additionally, if your doctor’s office is slow (or refuses) to comply with the SSA’s request for records the SSA will eventually stop trying to obtain them – and you may not be approved. Supplying records yourself not only speeds things up but also ensures that Social Security actually has your records.

A letter from your doctor supporting your disability claim should also be obtained by you, to be directly submitted to the SSA. To speed up your claim and help ensure that you are approved for Social Security Disability, your doctor’s letter needs to be very specific. A simple general statement from your doctor saying that you are – in his/her opinion – “disabled” is not enough.

Your doctor’s letter should include: Social Security Disability Lawyer Long Beach

1. Diagnosis;
2. Symptoms and clinical signs; and,
3. Details of Functional Impairment.

“Functional impairment” refers to a health condition in which the normal function of a given part of the body is able to perform at less than full capacity. Functional impairments may range from “mild” (involving only a slight loss in function) to “total impairment” (full disability). Functional impairment may also be temporary or permanent. The SSA will look carefully at your doctor’s detail regarding the degree and duration of your functional impairment in deciding if you will qualify for Social Security Benefits.

Finally, you should have obtained and compiled as many of your medical records as possible: x-rays, CT scans, laboratory reports, etc. The more “ammunition” you have to support your disability claim, the faster and more likely it is that you will be approved.

Our Long Beach Social Security Lawyers Can Help

Sound like a lot to do? It is. But we are here to help make sure that you “do it right” and do not miss anything. If you have been disabled and are considering filing a Social Security Disability Claim, our experienced Social Security Disability lawyers can help make the process easier and faster for you. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer.

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