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Lawyers Explain Disability for Injured Safety Officers:
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When Can California Safety Officers Get Permanent Disability?

If medical treatment was not sufficient to completely cure and relieve the effects of an injured safety worker’s industrial injury or illness – and a disability remains either by way of continued pain, limitation of motion or work restriction – a permanent disability may be awarded to the police officer, sheriff’s deputy or firefighter.

If a police, sheriff deputy or firefighter is medically restricted from continuing his or her normal duties, then a disability retirement may be available under the County Employees Retirement Law or the Public Employees Retirement System. Disability retirement benefits are awarded separately by PERS or CERL, and are different and separate from “permanent disability” benefits for public safety officers.

Disability retirement benefits may be received at the same time – and in addition to – permanent retirement benefits that are awarded by the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

What Constitutes Permanent Disability for an Injured Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy or Firefighter in California? Los Angeles

Permanent disability is based on the evaluations of the doctors who have examined the disabled safety.

An experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable in safety officer cases can help the disabled police officer, sheriff’s deputy or firefighter ensure that all required medical documentation is properly submitted, to ensure the injured employee receives the maximum allowable benefit that he or she deserves.

How Much Can a California Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy or Firefighter Can Get in Permanent Disability? Los Angeles

The permanent disability award for a public safety officer can be can be anywhere between 1% to 100%.

These disability benefits, if awarded, are payable at the current rate (depending on the date of injury) for as long as it takes to pay off the award. Permanent disability is usually paid after the injured safety worker’s condition has stabilized.

Permanent disability payments may be received at the same time and in addition to retirement benefits and are awarded by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. Disability retirement benefits are awarded separately by PERS or CERL. California police officer, sheriff’s deputy or firefighter permanent disability payments are not subject to taxation.

If you are a police officer, deputy or firefighter, in Los Angeles, Orange County or California, and you think you may be eligible for permanent disability, an experienced lawyer who is specialized in safety worker disability cases can help you determine the likelihood that you will qualify, and the amount you are entitled to receive.

Our California Attorneys get the Maximum Disability Retirement

Our law firm will offer you a free consultation with an experienced lawyer to help you understand your rights, if you have been made disabled while working as a police officer, firefighter or deputy, in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California.

And if you decide to hire us, the experienced lawyers at the Southern California Law Firm of Cantrell Green will handle your disability retirement case with the individualized care and aggressive representation that ensures you receive the maximum benefits that you deserve, as one of California’s valued public safety officer.

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