Workers Comp Deaf & Hearing Loss FAQs

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Workers Comp Hearing Loss & Deafness FAQs

What Are the Symptoms of Hearing Loss or Deafness?

If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, consider whether you are experiencing any of these common symptoms:

  • Turning up the volume on the TV
  • Asking others to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy rooms or restaurants
  • Difficulty hearing people on the phone
  • Sitting up front in meetings or at church to hear better
  • Finding women or young children harder to hear or understand than men
  • Unable to hear someone who talks to you from another room
  • Ringing or other noises (“tinnitus”) in your ears

How Do I Know if I Qualify for Workers Comp for Hearing Loss?

To qualify for Workers Comp benefits for a hearing loss you must prove that you have a hearing loss, and that it was caused by exposure to noise or chemicals in the workplace.

In addition to a complete personal and medical history – including prior noise exposures – you will be required to undergo an examination with an ENT physician as well as “Audiometric” testing to determine the amount of your hearing loss.

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What Are the Workers Comp Benefits for Hearing Loss & Deafness?

Worker’s Compensation Benefits for hearing loss typically include:

  • Free Hearing Aids for life
  • Free Hearing Aid batteries for life
  • Replacement Hearing Aids if yours are lost or damaged
  • If hearing aid technology changes substantially, you may obtain new hearing aids
  • Other reasonable and necessary medical treatments for your hearing loss,
  • In some cases, this may include a cochlear implant
  • Cash Benefit Compensation
    • Temporary Disability (to replace lost wages); and/or
    • Permanent Disability (smaller weekly cash amount if you are permanently unable to return to work)

What Are Reasons Workers Comp is Denied for Hearing Loss?

Even if the “Audiometric” test proves that you have a hearing loss, Workers Comp Insurance adjusters will often try to deny that your hearing loss was work related. They may try to blame your partial or total deafness on: a prior trauma or disease; age; prescription or recreational drugs; inherited disorders; hobbies such as playing guitar or hunting; or, even previous employment – that could have caused or contributed to your hearing loss.

What Can I Do If My Workers Comp for Hearing Loss is Denied?

If you were denied Workers Comp benefits due to a partial or total hearing loss (deafness), it is important to contact a Workers Compensation attorney who is experienced in Hearing Loss Cases right away.

You have a limited time to appeal a denial. And a Workers Comp attorney who is experienced in Hearing Loss will be able to look at your case and help you present more or better information to help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

Our experienced Los Angeles Area Workers Comp attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in benefits for disabled, hearing impaired and deaf workers. We know how the system works and how to obtain the maximum Workers Compensation for which you qualify.

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