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What is a Workers Compensation Utilization Reviews?

Los Angeles Attorneys Explain Workers Comp Utilization Reviews or “URs” – Under California Workers’ Compensations law, any and all requests made by an injured worker’s treating physician for medical treatment have to go through a “utilization review” (UR). This is a review process aimed to ensure that […]

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Can Independent Contractors & 1099 Employees Get Workers Comp?

Can Independent Contractors (1099 Employees) Get Workers Comp? Most employers will try to tell you that it’s common knowledge that Independent Contractors (1099 Employees) cannot collect Workers Comp – but that is not entirely true. The surprising answer is that under some circumstances an Independent Contractor (1099 Employee) CAN […]

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Workers Comp for a Closed Head Injury

Collecting Workers Comp for a Closed Head Injury – If you have suffered a closed head injury, you understand that it can cause significant damage to your mental functioning. Long after your exterior wounds have healed, your closed head injury can continue to cause cognitive impairment. Our Workers Comp attorneys have helped […]

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Orange County Lawyers Discuss Workers Compensation for Cancer

Collecting Workers Compensation for Cancer Caused by the Workplace – An injury or illness does not have to be caused by an “accident” to be covered by workers compensation. An employee can also be compensated for illnesses or diseases that are the gradual result of work conditions, including heart […]

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Can I Get Workers Comp for Fibromyalgia?

Can I Get Workers Comp for Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a painful and debilitating condition, yet collecting Workers Compensation for fibromyalgia is extremely difficult – if not almost impossible.  In this article our Long Beach Workers Comp lawyers discuss under what conditions you can collect Workers Compensation for […]

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Is Workers Compensation Taxable (2017)?

Will I Be Taxed on My 2017 Workers’ Comp Benefits?  The holidays are almost over, 2018 is almost here – and thoughts turn to filing taxes for the past year. As the Long Beach lawyers who are experts in Workers Compensation, our client’s often ask us if their Workers Comp  Benefits […]

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What to Look for in a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for Workers’ Compensation? You are not required to hire a lawyer to apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits – and you are allowed to represent yourself at any stage of the process, including appealing a denial. However, there are many advantages to […]

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Getting Workers Comp for Sexual Harassment (Part 1)

Orange County Attorneys Explain Workers’ Comp for Sexual Harassment–(Part 1) Can a person who was sexually harassed in the workplace collect workers’ comp? In California the answer is yes, a victim of sexual harassment can collect workers’ compensation if they: File a workers’ compensation claim within the […]

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Getting Workers Comp for Sexual Harassment (Part 2)

Orange County Lawyers Explain Workers Comp for Sexual Harassment–(Part 2) When You Can and Can’t Collect Workers Compensation for Sexual Harassment In Part One of this article, our lawyers explained that employees in California who were physically or psychologically injured by sexual harassment in the workplace can collect workers compensation […]

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New Workers Comp Medical Treatment Guidelines Take Effect

New Workers Comp Medical Treatment Guidelines Take Effect Dec. 1 New medical treatment guidelines take effect this week on December 1, 2017. In this article our experienced Orange County workers comp attorneys explain why this is good news for injured workers and their health care providers. What […]

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