Getting Workers Comp for Burn Injuries

Lawyers Discuss Workers Comp for Burn Injuries

Our experienced Long Beach workers compensation lawyers have helped many Southern California workers collect the workers comp benefits they deserve for workplace burn injuries. Though less common than typical slip and fall injuries, burns can be among the most serious and painful of all workplace injuries.

Unfortunately, every year more than 5,000 workers are hospitalized in the United States after being burned at work, according to OSHA’s statistics. Sadly, almost 5% of these burn injuries prove to be fatal.

If you were burned at work, you are entitled to receive workers compensation that includes payment of: medical and physical/occupational therapy bills; dermatologist bills; pain management treatment & medication; plastic surgery (if necessary); transportation to medical facilities; any related out-of-pocket expenses; and, a portion of your lost wages.

Types of Burn Injuries for Workers Compensation

Chemical burns are among the most common workplace burn and result when a corrosive substance (such as an acid, base, oxidizer, solvent, thinning agent, or alkylating agent) comes in contact with soft tissue.

Electrical burns in the workplace typically occur from touching an electrical socket or wire, contacting electrified water, or faulty electrical wiring. Outdoor workers may also be burned when struck by lightning.

Thermal burns are caused by fire, steam, a boiling liquid, or touching hot objects such as pipes, machinery or motors/engines. Outdoor workers can also get thermal radiation burns from extended exposure to the sun – especially during Southern California’s hot summers.In addition to extensive skin damage, burns can result in internal injuries, blindness, and complications including shock, infection, and cardiac arrest.

Workers’ Compensation for Burns at Work

Remember, it does not matter what caused the burn. It also does not matter if you were partially “at fault” or if someone else’s carelessness caused your burns. If you received burns of any kind, from any source while at work or performing your work duties, you are entitled to workers compensation.

Our experienced Long Beach workers compensation lawyers understand that your burn injuries can severely impact your ability to work and complete day to day activities. Even after your wounds have healed, the pain may persist – or your skin lesions and scars may limit your mobility.

Unfortunately, in an effort to “cut costs” many workers compensation insurers will try to minimize your burn disability, so they can send you back to work prematurely and/or limit what benefits they pay for. This is when having an experienced, aggressive workers comp lawyer by your side to fight for your rights is most important.

If you need more recovery time than the workers compensation insurer is willing to pay for, our lawyers can help you properly submit the documentation necessary to obtain temporary partial disability. If your burn injuries are more serious, you may qualify for a permanent partial or total disability.

Additionally, if your workers compensation insurer is unwilling to pay for certain additional medical or out-of-pocket costs – such as occupational therapy or pain management – our compassionate and skilled Long Beach workers comp lawyers will fight aggressively to obtain every benefit for which you qualify.

Our Long Beach Workers Comp Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured or disabled by burns, smoke inhalation, or any other workplace illness or injury, our experienced Long Beach Workers Comp lawyers will offer you a free consultation. Our lawyers can explain the benefits to which you are entitled, and help ensure you receive the maximum Workers Comp benefits for which you qualify.

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