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How Many People File Workers Comp Cases?

How Many People File Workers Comp Cases? Every year new technologies are developed to help keep workers safer and healthier – which should also help reduce the number of workers compensation claims. Stricter environmental guidelines and tougher OSHA regulations are also aimed at preventing harm to workers […]

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Are Workers Comp Medical Payment Amounts Dropping?

Orange County Lawyers Discuss Drops in Workers Comp Medical Payment Amounts– In 2013 California Senate Bill 863 was enacted in an attempt to make wide-ranging changes to California’s workers’ compensation system. The bill sought to increase benefits to injured workers, while also implementing some cost-saving efficiencies that […]

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Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Lawyers Discuss Psychiatric Injuries

Can I Get Workers Comp for Psychiatric Conditions or Mental Illness? Suffering from a psychological or psychiatric illness can often times be more difficult than dealing with a physical injury. Everyone can see a broken leg, or a back brace – and so they understand that you […]

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Workers Comp for Smoke Inhalation

Lawyers Discuss Workers Comp for Smoke Inhalation– Inhalation of toxic smoke is the primary cause of injury or death from any type of fire in the workplace.  Smoke inhalation can result in immediate injury, such as burns (“thermal injury”) to the upper airway. However, smoke inhalation can […]

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Getting Workers Comp for Burn Injuries

Lawyers Discuss Workers Comp for Burn Injuries– Our experienced Long Beach workers compensation lawyers have helped many Southern California workers collect the workers comp benefits they deserve for workplace burn injuries. Though less common than typical slip and fall injuries, burns can be among the most serious […]

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Workers Comp for Landscape & Grounds Workers

Workers Comp for Landscape Workers & Grounds Maintenance Employees– According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, summer is the more workplace injuries occur during the summer than any other time of the year. And landscape workers and grounds maintenance employees are among the most likely to suffer […]

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Can I Get Workers Comp for COPD?

Can I Get Workers Comp for COPD? Yes, if you or a loved one is unable to work due to advanced COPD, you can collect Workers Comp benefits – if the COPD was the result of your employment. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – usually called COPD – […]

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Workers Compensation for Construction Workers

Types of Workers Compensation for Construction Workers & Contractors A dozen workers were injured last month when a building under construction in Oakland, California partially collapsed. 15 to 20 construction workers fell through the second floor of the construction project when a scaffolding collapsed, and were trapped […]

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Workers Compensation Attorneys for Skin Cancer

Workers Compensation for Skin Cancer Here in sunny Southern California, our experienced workers comp attorneys are often asked if Skin Cancer is a disease that can be compensated by Workers Compensation. The simple answers is “yes.” Under some – but not all – circumstances you can collect […]

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Workers Comp: Direct Injury vs. Compensable Consequence

Attorneys Explain Workers Comp Terms: Direct Injuries vs. Compensable Consequences If you have applied for workers compensation and you have been denied, you may have heard or read the terms “direct injury” or “compensable consequences.” It is important to understand these terms and how they apply to […]

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