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Collecting Workers Comp for Amputation

Lawyers Explain Awards for Amputation Workers Comp Cases – Our experienced Orange County workers compensation attorneys have helped many men and women deal with the loss of a finger, hand, arm, leg or other limb or extremity. We understand that the physical, emotional and psychological effects of such an […]

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Can Undocumented Workers Collect Workers Compensation?

Can Undocumented Workers Get Workers Compensation in California? Yes – undocumented workers are protected by all California labor laws – including Workers Compensation Laws. However, in today’s challenging political climate, some undocumented workers may be worried about filing a Workers COmpensation claim Under California law, all workers […]

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Workers Compensation Attorneys Explain Notice of Delay

What to Do if You Receive a Notice of Delay in a Workers Comp Case – Occassionally applicants for Workers Comp will recieve a “Notice of Delay.” While this can be frustrating, if you have recieved a Notice of Delay, our attorneys can ensure that your employer MUST authorize all […]

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Ask the Workers Comp Attorney: What is MAXIMUS?

Attorneys Explain Workers’ Comp Terms: MAXIMUS – When an injured worker requests medical treatment under California Workers Comp, the treatment request must go through a “utilization review” (UR) process – to make sure that the treatment is considered “medically necessary”. Unfortunately, the UR process often denies or […]

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Ask the Workers Comp Attorney: What is an IMR?

Attorneys Explain California Workers Comp Terms: IMR – In a California’s workers’ compensation case, “IMR” refers to a process called “Independent Medical Review”. Any request made by an injured worker’s treating doctor for medical treatment under California Workers’ Compensation has to go through a “utilization review” – […]

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Medical Provider Networks (MPN) in Workers Comp Cases

Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks (MPN) MPN stands for Medical Provider Network. In the context of California Workers Comp cases, an MPN is a group of health care providers set up by a Workers Comp Insurance Company (or by a self-insured employer) to treat workers injured on […]

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How Obesity Affects Workers’ Comp Claims

How Does Obestiy Affect Workers Comp Claims? Prior to June 2013, obesity as all or part of a workers’ comp claim was not considered – because it was not classified as a disease or illnes. So being overweight was previously simply not addressed while determining benefits for […]

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What Is the Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund (UEBTF)?

Orange County Workers Comp Lawyers Explain California’s Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund (UEBTF) – California Workers’ Compensation law requires that any employer with one or more non-family employees have workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures that all workers in the state will be compensated adequately, should they be […]

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What is a Workers Compensation Utilization Reviews?

Los Angeles Attorneys Explain Workers Comp Utilization Reviews or “URs” – Under California Workers’ Compensations law, any and all requests made by an injured worker’s treating physician for medical treatment have to go through a “utilization review” (UR). This is a review process aimed to ensure that […]

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Can Independent Contractors & 1099 Employees Get Workers Comp?

Can Independent Contractors (1099 Employees) Get Workers Comp? Most employers will try to tell you that it’s common knowledge that Independent Contractors (1099 Employees) cannot collect Workers Comp – but that is not entirely true. The surprising answer is that under some circumstances an Independent Contractor (1099 Employee) CAN […]

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