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Workers Comp Deaf & Hearing Loss FAQs

Los Angeles Attorneys: Workers Comp Hearing Loss & Deafness FAQs– What Are the Symptoms of Hearing Loss or Deafness? If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, consider whether you are experiencing any of these common symptoms: Turning up the volume on the TV Asking others […]

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Social Security vs. Workers Comp for Deafness & Hearing Loss

Long Beach Lawyers: Do I Get Social Security or Workers Comp for Deafness & Hearing Loss?– May is National Hearing Protection Month. For more than four decades the attorneys at Cantrell Green have been fighting for the rights of injured workers. We have collected millions of dollars […]

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Collecting Both Social Security & Workers Comp for Hearing Loss

Can I Collect BOTH Workers Compensation AND Social Security Disability for Hearing Loss? Yes. Under some circumstances you can collect Social Security Disability for hearing loss – even if you are already collecting Workers Comp for your hearing loss. However, your Social Security Benefits will typically be […]

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Workers Comp for Eye Injury, Vision Problems & Blindness

Workers Comp for Eye Injuries & Vision Problems– Unfortunately, eye injuries on the job – and eye conditions related to work – are relatively common. The good news is that California’s workers’ compensation program allows workers with most work-related vision disorders to obtain Workers Comp benefits. Whether the […]

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Workers Compensation for Back Injuries

Lawyers Explain Workers Compensation for Back Injury – One of the most common body parts injured at work is the back. Our experienced Long Beach lawyers have assisted hundreds of employees obtain the workers compensation they deserve for their back injuries. Who Can Get Workers Compensation for […]

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Workers Comp Lawyers Discuss Power Press Injuries

Workers Comp & Civil Liability in Power Press Injury – If you have been injured at work, you have probably been told by your company (and/or the workers comp insurance company) that the only compensation you can get is workers’ compensation and that you cannot also sue your […]

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Workers Compensation if You’ve Been Struck by an Object

Lawyers Explain Workers Compensation If You’re Hit or Struck by an Object – The fifth and sixth most common type of work injuries are caused by being struck by an object, or struck against an object. Our experienced Long Beach lawyers have assisted hundreds of employees obtain […]

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Workers Comp Lawyers Discuss Machinery Accidents

Collecting Workers Comp for Machinery Accidents – Machinery Accidents are consistently listed in the top 10 causes of work related injuries. Our experienced Long Beach lawyers have assisted hundreds of employees obtain the workers compensation they deserve for injuries sustained in machinery accidents. Moving gears, pneumatic presses, […]

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Attorneys Discuss Workers Comp Reform That Hurts Workers

Workers Comp “Reforms” Can Hurt Injured Employees – Any time workers’ comp laws are improved to benefit employees, our Long Beach workers comp attorneys are excited. However, sometimes a change in laws, regulations, policies or procedures can hurt injured employee’s workers compensation cases – even if these […]

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Workers Comp Attorneys Collect Benefits for Overexertion

Collecting Workers Comp for Overexertion – We’ve all “overexerted” ourselves from time to time. But many employees do not realize that in certain cases workers comp benefits are available for “overexertion” injuries. In fact, according to a study from the Department of Labor, overexertion is the number […]

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