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Whats the Difference Between Social Security Lawyers & Advocates?

Social Security Lawyers vs. Advocates in Long Beach – Our Long Beach attorneys explain the difference between Social Security Disability lawyers & Social Security Disability advocates. Many of the Social Security Disability “firms” that you see on television in Los Angeles, California are “advocates,” and are not actual […]

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Is Social Security Disability Taxable? (2018)

Is Social Security Disability Taxable? (2018) Many people mistakenly believe that since they paid payroll taxes out of their paychecks to fund their Social Security Disability benefits, theior SSDI checks will not be taxable.  Unfortunately this is not always the case. In some situations, benefits that Social Security […]

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Watchdog Organizations Report Big Problems at Social Security

Watchdog Reports Reveal Problems at Social Security – Recent “watchdog” reports have revealed several problem plaguing the strained, underfunded Social Security Administration. Unless changes are made, our experienced Social Security attorneys worry that the agency may cease to effectively serve older and disabled Americans, even before 2034, […]

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Can I Get Social Security Disability for Obesity?

Can I Get Social Security Disability for Obesity? Obesity used to be listed as an impairment in the Social Security’s “Listing of Impairments” but it was removed in 1999. However you can still collect Social Security Disability for obesity under some circumstances – although it is more difficult […]

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Orange County Social Security Lawyers Discuss Medical Records

Lawyer Tips to Prove Disability in Social Security Cases– Complete, detailed and current medical documentation is the single most important factor in winning your Social Security case. Thousands of people apply for Social Security benefits – so the Social Security Administration will never just “take your word” […]

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Collecting Social Security Disability for Cancer

Can I Collect Social Security Disability for Cancer? At Cantrell Green we understand that the physical, psychological and financial effects of battling cancer can be overwhelming. We understand that you are unable to work but still need to support yourself and your family. If you are unable to […]

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Collecting Social Security & Same Sex Marriage

Does Social Security Recognize Same Sex Spouses? Due to recent changes in the law, a spouse in a same-sex marriage may consider his or her spouse’s earnings in determining Social Security entitlement and/or payment amounts. The SSA now recognizes same-sex couples’ marriages in all states – as well as […]

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Social Security for Back and Neck Injuries

Long Beach Lawyers Discuss Social Security for Back Injury – Social Security processes more disability claims for back pain and back injuries than any other disability. However, they only approve a small percentage of applicants, representing what are usually only the most severe cases. To qualify for […]

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Collecting Social Security for Disabled Child

Can I Collect Social Security for My Disabled Child? In this article our experienced Los Angeles area Social Security lawyers discuss how and when a parent can collect Social Security for their disabled child. How Do I Apply for SSI for a Disabled Child? The application for […]

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Collecting Social Security Disability for Heart Conditions

Long Beach Lawyers Discuss Social Security Disability for Heart Conditions Almost any heart conditions canqualify an individual to collect Social Security Disability benefits, if it is severe enough.  In order to collect Social Security Disability it is the severity of your heart condition that is more important than the kind of heart problems you have. […]

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