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Workers Compensation if You’ve Been Struck by an Object

Lawyers Explain Workers Compensation If You’re Hit or Struck by an Object – The fifth and sixth most common type of work injuries are caused by being struck by an object, or struck against an object. Our experienced Long Beach lawyers have assisted hundreds of employees obtain […]

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Workers Comp Lawyers Discuss Machinery Accidents

Collecting Workers Comp for Machinery Accidents – Machinery Accidents are consistently listed in the top 10 causes of work related injuries. Our experienced Long Beach lawyers have assisted hundreds of employees obtain the workers compensation they deserve for injuries sustained in machinery accidents. Moving gears, pneumatic presses, […]

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Attorneys Discuss Workers Comp Reform That Hurts Workers

Workers Comp “Reforms” Can Hurt Injured Employees – Any time workers’ comp laws are improved to benefit employees, our Long Beach workers comp attorneys are excited. However, sometimes a change in laws, regulations, policies or procedures can hurt injured employee’s workers compensation cases – even if these […]

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Workers Comp Attorneys Collect Benefits for Overexertion

Collecting Workers Comp for Overexertion – We’ve all “overexerted” ourselves from time to time. But many employees do not realize that in certain cases workers comp benefits are available for “overexertion” injuries. In fact, according to a study from the Department of Labor, overexertion is the number […]

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Workers Compensation Attorneys for Directors, Officers & Partners

Changes in California Workers Compensation for Officers, Directors & Working Partners- Any time workers comp laws are extended to improve benefits for employees, our workers compensation attorneys want to spread the word. Late last year California passed new legislation that now extends mandatory workers compensation benefits to […]

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Workers Compensation Attorneys’ 2017 Statistics

2017 California Workers Compensation Attorneys’ Statistics – Our experienced Long Beach Workers Compensation attorneys continuously keep apprised of the latest laws, trends and statistics in California and across the country – in order to provide our clients with the best possible representation. Every year our skilled Workers […]

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Workmans Comp Attorneys Discuss Slip & Fall Injury Cases

Attorneys Discuss Workmans* Comp for Slip and Fall Injury- One of the most common types of workplace accidents is a “slip and fall” or “trip and fall.” Our experienced Long Beach lawyers have assisted hundreds of employees obtain the workers compensation they deserve for injuries sustained when […]

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Lawyers Explain Changing Doctors in a Workmans Comp Case

Ask the Lawyer: Can I Choose or Switch My Workman’s Comp* Doctor? If you have been injured at work, your treating doctor is extremely important in your California workers’ compensation claim. Your treating physician directs the course your medical treatment, issues your work restrictions, and refers you […]

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Ask the Attorney: Is “Workmans Comp” Taxable?

Long Beach Attorneys Explain: Paying Taxes on Workers Comp (“Workmans Comp”)– Tax time is here again, and our clients are often left wondering whether they will be taxed on their Workers Compensation payments. Workers’ Compensation benefits are typically not taxable income for either your state or federal […]

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Workers Comp Attorneys Explain When You Can Also Sue

Ask the Long Beach Attorneys: When Can You Sue in a Workers Comp Case? Workers Compensation was put in place so that injured employees would “automatically” receive compensation – and not have to resort to a lawsuit for their injuries. The flip side to this “protection” for […]

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