Workers Compensation Attorneys’ 2017 Statistics

2017 California Workers Compensation Attorneys’ Statistics –

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Every year our skilled Workers Compensation attorneys collect information from the US Bureau of Labor, OSHA, Cal/OSHA, insurance companies, and the professional organizations to which we belong.

In this article, we’ve compiled a review of the ten most common causes of workers compensation injuries, along with the positions that file the most claims every year.

Attorneys List of 10 Most Common
Causes of Workers Compensation Injury’s

1) Overexertion

This type of injury occurs when a muscle is pulled, or a joint is forced to move beyond its typical range of motion. Overexertion can result in injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles – resulting in to sprains and strains of the neck, shoulders, ankles, knees, back and wrists.

2) Slip and Falls and Trips

Many of the slip, trip, and fall claims are also related to individuals slipping and falling on snowy walkways or are the result of employees slipping on wet floors in the workplace.

3) Falls to a Lower Level

This type of workers compensation injury typically happen when a worker falls off a ladder, a roof, a scaffolding or down a flight of stairs.

4) Bodily Reaction

A bodily reaction injury may is defined as one in which the employee trips or slips – and avoids falling – but still sustains an injury such as a twisted or sprained ankle.

5) Struck By an Object

6) Struck Against an Object Against an Object

This type of injury occurs when something falls off a shelf, or is dropped by another employee working overhead – and/or is physically forced into a stationary object.

7) Highway Incident

The 7th top causes of injury while working is an accident while driving for business purposes.

8) Machinery Accidents

Machinery accidents – which can lead to fractures, amputations, head injuries, crushing, and even death – are most commonly seen in factories or construction workers.

9) Repetitive Motion

A repetitive injury is occurs when an employee engages in the same motions over and over, resulting in workers compensation injuries such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and bursitis.

10) Workplace violence

Sadly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace shootings, stabbings, homicides and other acts of violence are the 10th top reason for workers compensation related injuries.

Attorneys List of 5 Most Common Types
of Workers Compensation Injuries

The top five Workers Compensation injuries resulting from the above types of injuries are:

  • Strains and sprains – 30% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Cuts, lacerations or puncture wounds – 19% of Workers Comp claims
  • Contusions & Bruises – 12% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Inflammation – 5% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Fractures & Broken Bones – 5% of Workers Comp claims

Attorneys List of 5 Most Common Causes
of Workers Compensation Injuries

The most frequent causes of Workers Compensation injuries include:

  • Material handling – 32% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Slips, trips and falls – 16% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Being struck by or colliding with an object – 10% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Accidents involving tools – 7% of Workers Compensation claims
  • Traumas occurring over time – 4% of Workers Compensation claims

Most frequent types of Workers Compensation injuries by industry:

Workers compensation claims vary in frequency from industry to industry. Certain causes of accidents and illnesses are more prevalent in some industries than others

Manufacturing Industry – material handling & eye injuries top the list for workers compensation injuries.

Retail Industry – falling & material handling account for the most workers compensation injuries.

Construction Industry – material handling & falling comprise the most workers compensation injuries.

Oil and Gas Industry – motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of workers compensation injuries.

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