Workers Comp for a Closed Head Injury

Collecting Workers Comp for a Closed Head Injury

If you have suffered a closed head injury, you understand that it can cause significant damage to your mental functioning. Long after your exterior wounds have healed, your closed head injury can continue to cause cognitive impairment. Our Workers Comp attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals with closed head injuries get the workers comp benefits that they deserve.

Our attorneys understand that, while you may look the same “on the outside”, your world has been turned upside down. And you may in considerable suffering & pain, and unable to mentally function at a job – even though you may “look fine” to your employer and co-workers.

If you have suffered a blow to the head which caused the brain to collide with the inside of the skull, you may be experiencing thinking or memory problems, headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, seizures, and even changes in your moods or personality. You might also find yourself experiencing other symptoms such as unexplained anger, depression and fatigue.

Many of these symptoms of a closed head injury can make it impossible for an employee to return to work. If you suffered a workplace accidents that caused a closed head injury – such as a vehicle accidents, construction equipment injury, fall, falling boxes or equipment- you will typically qualify to collect Workers Comp. However, many employers and their WOrkers Comp Insurance Company try to deny benefits for closed head injuries because the worker “looks fine” or the long term effects are hard to prove.

In these cases, an experienced workers comp attorney can be your best weapon in collecting the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

Workers Comp Benefits for Closed Head Injuries:

 Unlimited medical care;
 All reasonable and necessary treatment paid (with NO co-pay or deductible);
 Attendant care to help with activities of daily living, if needed;
 Wage loss benefits (80% of the after-tax average weekly wage while the person was working)

Insurance companies often fight workers comp for closed head injury

Sadly, individuals with a closed head injury often find their workers comp benefits wrongfully denied. Insurance companies understand that significant amounts of money must be paid for rehabilitation and treatment of a closed head injury- often over many years – and simply do not want to pay.

Workers comp insurance companies frequently send individuals with closed head injuries to an independent medical examination (IME). But the reality is that IMEs are not really all that “independent”. Workers Comp insurance companies use the same IME physicians repeatedly – specifically choosing favorable doctors who find no evidence of injury in almost every case.

Experienced Workers Comp Attorneys for Closed Head Injury

If you are suffering from a closed head injury from a workplace accident, you should speak with an experienced workers comp attorney as soon as possible.

An experienced workers comp attorney can help you “prove” that you are unable to work and deserve workers comp benefits. A lawyer can also identify potential problems with your future benefits – to ensure that you not only receive the benefits you need now, but for years to come.

In many cases, an experienced workers comp attorney can even obtain a “lump-sum settlement”. This option allows you to control your own medical treatment, rather than having to continually fight with the workers comp insurer to get your treatments covered. Often times, a workers comp lump sum settlement is the best way to move on with your life.

Long Beach Workers Comp Attorneys Help You Get Max Benefits

Your consultation with an experienced Long Beach workers comp attorney is 100% confidential. Neither your employer nor their insurance company will be notified that you requested a consultation with us. Our attorneys can evaluate your case and help you understand your options and your legal rights – to ensure you get the workers comp benefits you deserve for your closed head injury.

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