Helping Veterans Collect Social Security

Attorneys Helping Veterans Get Social Security Benefits

Men and women who have served in the military, who have become disabled are covered by the Veterans Administration’s medical and pension program, and also by the Social Security Disability system.

However, many veterans, their families or their care providers are not aware of this “concurrent eligibility” dual coverage.  In fact, many Veterans who are already receiving VA benefits, mistakenly believe that they are receiving all of their benefits – while the disabled person may be missing an entire set of benefits and medical coverage under SSD or SSI.

Veterans Can Collect VA Benefits & Social Security 

Veterans are entitled to receive the same Social Security retirement, survivors and disability benefits as every other taxpaying citizen. Veterans may qualify for Social Security and SSI disability benefits. This dual coverage is called “concurrent eligibility.”

Even VA staff and veteran’s groups sometimes seem to be unaware of the “dual” Social Security coverage.

The standards for Social Security disability for a disabled Veteran is identical to that of a civilian. They must prove that they cannot do work they did before and/or that they cannot adjust to other work because of their medical condition(s); and their disability must last or be expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.

Sometimes an “offset” in benefits between the VA and SSA may be calculated. But in very many cases, veterans are eligible to receive both their Veterans’ compensation and their Social Security Disability benefits without any reductions.

Indeed, sometimes a favorable decision in one benefits case is even helpful evidence for the other claim. In other words, if the VA has already determined you to be disabled, the SSA may accept this determination – and vice versa.

A veteran may be eligible for one of two disability benefit programs that are offered through the VA.

  1. If there is a service-connected mental or physical disability, a veteran may be eligible for compensation, even if the disability is partial. These benefits are paid, regardless of financial status, resources and income.
  2. A second VA program pays benefits to disabled veterans whose disability is not service-connected. The veteran must have served in active duty during a period of war, and must have a total and permanent disability. However, this second type of pension is income-scaled, which means that the veteran may not qualify for both this VA pension and Social Security disability.

Our Attorneys Can Help Get Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Veterans –

If you or a family member served our country and is now disabled, we want to make sure that you or they are receiving the maximum benefits allowable. And, because both the VA and SSA are experiencing their longest backlogs ever, it is important for veterans to apply for all of their benefits as soon as they become disabled.

Our experienced attorneys have proudly assisted many brave men and women who served in the military obtain the maximum benefits for which they qualify. If you or a loved one are a disabled veteran, we would be happy to offer you a free consultation to evaluate your individual situation – and make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve.

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