What is a Workers Comp MMI Report?

Attorneys Explain California Workers’ Comp Terms: MMI

MMI stands for “Maximum Medical Improvement” and refers to a finding in a California Workers Compensation case that an injured worker will not continue to get better, regardless of continued treatment.

An MMI Report is a report written by the injured employee’s primary doctor (also referred to as the PTP or Primary Treating Physician) – and states that it is his/her medical opinion that the injured worker’s condition is not going to improve – no matter what further treatment(s) he or she may receive.

The primary physician’s MMI Report is completed by the doctor at the end of the worker’s treatment phase – and is typically one of the final and most important factors in determining if an injured worker qualifies for Permanent Disability (PD) benefits. The MMI.

What is In an MMI Report?

An MMI Report typically includes:

  1. The history of the employee’s injury / illness / disability,
  2. A thorough review of the employee’s treatment provided and tests or studies performed,
  3. The physician’s conclusions and recommendations regarding current and/or future impairment.

The doctor’s MMI Report must also assign something called a “Whole Person Impairment” (WPI) to each specific body part which was treated – and state the “apportionment” or “share” of the employee’s disability caused by the WPI and other conditions.

The MMI Report could also include various other aspects of the worker’s medical case, such as the doctor’s discussions with the worker, job description, current occupation, physical examination, and review of any medical records from other doctors.

An MMI Report should also state:

  • “Objective and Subjective Factors” – such as the amount of pain and/or range of motion limitations.
  • “Work Restrictions” – Limitation on the work or tasks the employee can perform
  • “AMA Impairment Ratings” – The impairment status of the specific injured body parts.
  • “Causation & Apportionment” – The actual cause(s) of injury.
  • Any medical care the injured worker may need in the future.

The injured employee has a right to receive a copy of The MMI Report. The MMI greatly affects an injured worker’s benefits. And, often times, different doctors have different opinions about the severity of an employee’s disability. Under California Workers Compensation Law, the employee has a right to disagree with the MMI report – in which case his or her attorney can obtain a second medical opinion from another doctor: either a QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator) or an AME (Agreed Medical Evaluator).

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