Can I Collect SSD & SSI at the Same Time?

Can I Collect SSI and Social Security Disability (SSD) at the Same Time?

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can collect SSI and SSDI at the same time. This is referred to as collecting “concurrent benefits”.  This usually happens when a disability applicant is approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) but they qualify for only a low monthly SSD payment.

Remember the amount of SSD for which you qualify depends upon how much you have paid into the system, through your work. So if you have a limited or spotty work history you may only have paid enough into the system to get a small SSD benefit.

Qualifying for SSI

In order to qualify for an SSI payment – in addition to an SSDI payment – your “unearned income” typically must be less than $733 per month. Calculating your earned income limit, however, is fairly complicated, varies from State to State and can be different if you are working and earning money.

Also note that the SSI program also has certain limits on the amount of “assets” you can own – to qualify for SSI.

So, if your income and assets are both low enough to qualify for SSI, AND you also worked long enough in a job paying tax into the Social Security you may be able to receive both types of benefits (SSI and SSD) at the same time.

But, remember, your SSDI payment amount is included in your “income” for calculating your eligibility for SSI. So if your SSDI payment is high you may not qualify for SSI. If, however, the SSD payment is small, your income may be low enough to qualify to collect SSI in addition to SSD.

Collecting SSD and SSI Benefits at the Same Time 

Also – you will never be allowed to receive a higher monthly “combined benefit” than you would if you were just collecting SSI on its own. In other words, if you do qualify for “concurrent benefits” your SSI payment will be lowered by the amount of your SSD payment to match the maximum SSI payment you would qualify for.

How You Apply for Concurrent Benefits

Does applying for “concurrent benefits” sound complicated? It can be. But our experienced California Social Security Disability lawyers would be happy to help you figure out the benefits for which you may qualify.

Remember, whether you apply for SSI, SSD, or both, the Social Security office will decide whether your claim is approved, depending on both your disability and your income and assets. The SSI claim will be handled in exactly the same way as your SSDI claim – utilizing the same definition of disability and the same disability evaluation process.

The Benefits of Collecting SSD & SSI at the Same Time 

There are certain benefits to collecting SSI “concurrently” when you are collecting a low monthly SSDI benefit.

  • The SSI payment will raise your benefit up to $733 per month.
  • If you are able to collect SSDI when you are eligible for SSI, you may be eligible to receive Medicare as an SSDI recipient (you must wait two years from when your SSDI eligibility begins).
  • Conversely, SSI recipients are eligible for Medicaid alone. Although Medicaid typically provides payment for more services than Medicare, more doctors accept payments from Medicare.

Our Social Security Lawyers in Long Beach Can Help You

Our experienced Long Beach California Social Security Disability lawyers would be happy to help you figure out the SSI and SSDI benefits for which you may qualify – and help you understand if you may be eligible for “concurrent” benefits.