How Attorneys Get Maximum Workers Comp Benefits

What a Good Workers Comp Attorney Does

The workers comp system was put in place to prevent injured workers from suing their employer for negligence – in return for some significant benefits to help the injured worker get treatment and have money to live one.

No one gets rich off of workers compensation – treatments are often denied, and often barely enough money is awarded to help a family squeeze by while the injured worker is recovering.  So it is very important that the workers’ comp applicant understands his or her rights and obtains every single benefit to which they are entitled.

Unfortunately, the modern Workers’ Compensation system has become a jungle of red tape & paperwork, fraught with delays and “hoops” to jump through.  An experienced workers comp attorney can help you navigate through the “system”, explain all of the benefits for which you may qualify, and aggressively fight so that you quickly obtain them.

An experienced workers comp attorney can plot an efficient course through the laws, procedures, hearing, evaluations and medical documentation that make up the workers comp “process”.

Getting the Maximum Workers Comp Benefits

An experienced workers comp attorney does not just get a “fast settlement”. They also will make sure that:

  • You collect the maximum workers comp cash benefit while you are recovering
  • You get the maximum cash benefit for a Permanent Disability (PD)
  • You get the medical treatment(s) that you need to get back on your feet
  • Your settlement also provides for your future medical needs & treatments
  • You obtain any additional benefits to which you may be entitled, such as a Job Displacement Voucher, Payment to Family Caregivers, and more.

Attorneys Get Workers Comp Medical Treatment Benefits

In addition to obtaining the maximum cash benefits for an injured worker, an important part of the attorney’s job is ensuring that the injured worker gets all of the medical treatments he or she needs – both now and in the future.

Under the California Workers’ Compensation law, the injured worker is entitled to “all medical treatment necessary to cure or relieve the effects of your industrial injury”.  This includes doctor bills, medicine, hospital costs, lab tests, x-rays, MRIs, and diagnostic procedures – as well as physical therapy, home attendant care, vocational rehabilitation, and other necessary medical services.  The employee is also entitled to the cost of mileage going to and from medical appointments, the pharmacy and med-legal (QME) evaluations.

Orange County Workers Compensation Attorneys

But, because the insurance companies want to save money, these necessary treatments can often be denied. An experienced workers compensation attorney will know how to “fight” for your rights – so that you receive the medical coverage you need now and until you have recovered.

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