Best Social Security Lawyers in Orange County

Find the Best Social Security Lawyers in Orange County

You are not required by law to have a lawyer represent you in a Social Security Disability case. In fact, many people try to file for SSI and SSDI on their own. However, statistics prove that those Social Security applicants who have a lawyer have a much greater likelihood of being approved for Social Security than those people without a lawyer.

This is true at every level of the Social Security process, from the original application, to the appeal and hearing level. Plain and simple, having an experienced lawyer increases your odds of collecting the maximum benefits.

If you are disabled and you are contemplating hiring a Social Security lawyer for your Orange County disability case, here are some important thoughts to help you choose the best attorney.

What to Look for in an Orange County Social Security Lawyer:

Social Security Lawyers Should Give Free Consults & Answer Questions

A good Social Security Disability lawyer will never charge you for an initial consultation. A good Social Security Disability lawyer will also devote as much time as necessary to carefully understand your situation and your disability. They will also offer you as much time as you need to have all of your legal questions completely answered.

Our skilled and compassionate lawyers offer a lengthy and detailed free consultation to any disabled individuals with a Social Security case. At Cantrell Green, our lawyers listen to each client’s every concern and will always patiently answer any questions. Our skilled lawyers are by your side every step of the way during your SSDI case.

Social Security Lawyers Should Only Collect if You Win

The fees lawyers can charge in an SSDI case are determined by Social Security regulations. A lawyer is only allowed by law to collect a fee equal to 25% of the “back pay” (the past due amount) – up to a maximum of $6,000. And, in any case where no back-pay is awarded to the applicant, the lawyer simply does not get a fee.

Always check to make sure that your Social Security lawyer only charges you the lawyer’s fees that are allowed by the Social Security laws. If a lawyer tries to collect more than this amount, they are being deceitful and should not be trusted.

Social Security Lawyers Should Handle Only Disability Cases

Many lawyers will take any type of case that “walks in the door” simply to “pay the bills”.  At Cantrell Green, we feel that a truly competent Social Security law firm will only handle disability related cases – and not drunk driving, family law, wills & trusts or other types of legal matters.

There are thousands of laws and regulations that govern Social Security cases – and they are extremely complex and they also change quite regularly. Only lawyers who practice Social Security law every day can really keep abreast of all the latest Social Security regulations.

Questions for Your Orange County Social Security Lawyer:

How Long has Your Lawyer Handled Social Security Cases?

The Orange County Social Security law firm of Cantrell Green has more than forty years specializing only in disability cases. We were founded in 1971 by Attorney Marilyn Green – a true pioneer in the field of disability law. In the past 4 decades our lawyers have collected more than 100 million dollars in benefits for our many clients.

What Portion of Your Lawyers’ Practice is Disability Law?

At the Orange County law firm of Cantrell Green, our dedicated lawyers handle only disability cases – 12 months of the year.

We are dedicated to being the best disability law firm in Orange County and so we do not take any other type of cases. Unlike many other firms we do not handle bankruptcy, divorces, or other unrelated types of case. For this reason we are able to help disabled workers collect the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

How Many Social Security Cases Has Your Lawyer Handled?

Our lawyers have helped more than 10,000 disabled clients collect those benefits for which they are qualified, at the Orange County Social Security firm of Cantrell Green.

There is simply no substitute for many decades of legal experience. Our lawyers understand Social Security Disability law “backwards and forwards”. And we have the knowledge and the experience to fight to get you the maximum benefits for which you qualify in the most rapid amount of time.

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