How to Hire the Best Workers Comp Lawyers in Irvine

Hiring a Lawyer for a Irvine Workers Comp Case

Workers’ Compensation was designed as a fair “no-fault” system, to rapidly provide injured workers with medical treatment and money to live on. What this means, theoretically, is that if someone has been disabled at work, their application for Workers Comp benefits should be automatically approved – without requiring further legal action.

Unfortunately, every year, many deserving injured workers in Irvine & Orange County, are wrongfully denied Workers Comp benefits by their employer and/or the Workers Comp Insurance Company responsible for paying the claim.

The good news, however, is that employees who are seeking Workers Compensation who have been initially denied, are statistically much more likely to be approved for benefits if they are represented by a lawyer when they appeal.

If you hire a Workers Compensation lawyer for your Irvine Workers Comp case, here are some useful pointers to remember when selecting the best workers Comp lawyer for your case.

What to Seek in Irvine Workers Compensation Lawyers

Find Irvine Workers Comp Lawyers Who Gives Free Consultations, Listen Carefully & Answer All Questions

Workers Compensation lawyers should never charge you for your initial consultation about your case. Make certain you find an attorney who listens closely to your individual situation, understands your medical condition – and completely answers all of your questions.

Our highly trained and experienced attorneys offer a free consultation in any Irvine Workers Compensation matter. Our skilled, compassionate attorneys truly care about our disabled clients and we take the time necessary to understand your concerns and answer any and all questions – from start to finish of your appeal process.

Hire Irvine Workers Comp Lawyers Who Only Collect a Fee if You Win

In any California Workers Comp case,  attorney fees will be set by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) assigned to the case. A good, ethical lawyer will explain this up-front. The A.L.J. will authorize a fee of 10%, 12%, or 15% – according to the degree of complexity of your case.

Always make sure your attorney explains this fee structure to you, and double check to ensure that he or she only charges the Workers Comp attorney’s fees which are allowed by California law.

Hire Irvine Workers Comp Lawyers Who Only Handle Disability Cases

At Cantrell Green, our dedicated lawyers strongly believe that the best Workers Comp law firm will only handle disability-related cases – and not divorces, criminal matters or anything else. Workers Compensation law is very complex and it takes years of experience to learn everything there is to know.

Our entire law firm has specialized in only one type of law – disability law – for more than 4 decades. This enables our lawyers to stay on top of the newest laws, changes in regulations, etc. far better than an attorney who is not “specialized”.

Also, keep in mind that Workers Comp cases are not tried in the same Court systems where other types of cases are handled. Workers Comp cases are heard in a separate court system called the “Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board”- before an Administrative Law Judge and not a jury.

Because Cantrell Green handles Workers Comp cases all of the time, our experienced lawyers are in front of these judges on a regular basis. This means that we not only know the system inside and out – but we also develop relationships with the judges that will handle your case. This enables our lawyers to obtain the maximum Workers Compensation benefits for which our clients may qualify!

Questions For Your Irvine Workers Comp Lawyer:

Do They Have Awards and Professional Memberships?

Specialized Workers Compensation attorneys will belong to organizations that help them stay on top of Workers Compensation law.

The highly dedicated Workers Comp attorneys at the Irvine area law firm of Cantrell Green belong to these legal organizations:

Super Lawyers – every year 2004 – 2015!
• Long Beach Bar Association – Workers Compensation Section
• State Bar of California – Workers Compensation Section
• Harbor Area Applicants’ Attorneys
• California Applicant Attorneys Association
• Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group

How Much Workers Comp Experience Do They Have?

Cantrell Green was founded by pioneers in the area of disability law more than 4 decades ago. We have handled only disability cases since the year 1971– protecting the rights of thousands of disabled workers. Our compassionate and highly skilled attorneys have collected more than 100 million dollars in compensation for our deserving clients.

How Much (Percentage) of the Lawyers Practice is Disability Law?

At Cantrell Green our lawyers handle only disability cases – 12 months a year. Because we have thoroughly dedicated all of our time, energy, experience & skill to obtaining compensation for injured workers, we are able to get the maximum Workers Comp benefits for which our clients qualify!

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