What to Look for in a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for Workers’ Compensation?

You are not required to hire a lawyer to apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits – and you are allowed to represent yourself at any stage of the process, including appealing a denial. However, there are many advantages to hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer if your claim is denied, or your benefits are less than you believe they should be.

Most injured workers who are applying for Workers Compensation do not hire an attorney until they have applied, and their benefits are denied, discontinued or reduced.

Once your Workers’ Compensation Disability benefits have been denied, reduced or discontinued it can be a complicated and time consuming process to “fight” the Workers Compensation Insurance Company who is disallowing your benefits. And, we understand, that when you are ill or disabled it can be exhausting and overwhelming to try and negotiate the complex appeals process on your own.

Having an experienced Workers Comp lawyer can make the difference between an approval and a denial in a Workers’ Compensation case. An experienced attorney who has handled thousands of Workers’ Compensation cases knows what the Workers’ Compensation provider is “looking for”. They also know through years of experience “what works and what doesn’t” . . . and they know exactly what the Insurance company can and cannot do, so they are able to protect your rights.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Fight for You

Keep in mind that whenever a Workers Compensation claim is approved, the insurance company who is paying the claim has to pay out their own “cash”. In other words, Workers Compensation payments do not come from a government agency (like Social Security does) – and, Workers Compensation does not really come from your employer, either! Rather, your employer’s Workers Comp Insurance Company pays the claim and therefore “loses money” every time the employer has a Comp claim.

And when the company paying the claim is also the entity responsible for approving or denying the claim, you can see where there is the potential for them to deny as many claims as they possibly can.

Disputes regarding workers’ compensation cases are then decided at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, which are located across Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California, and the rest of the state. he California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board is a state administrative agency, that is similar to a Court system but somewhat less formal and usually quicker than in California’s Superior Court system.

Lawyers have two college degrees and attend college for a minimum of 7 to 8 years. Lawyers (attorneys) have Law Degrees that prepare them to practice law, and they are required to pass a “Bar Exam” to obtain a law license. They have the skill to “fight” the Workers Comp Insurance Company and to make them pay claims that they are legally obligated to pay.

What to Look For In a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer:

  1. Select a Workers’ Comp lawyer or law firm that handles ONLY disability law cases.
    At Cantrell Green ALL we do is disability law. We are highly specialized in representing the rights of workers who are injured or disabled.
  2. Select a Workers’ Comp lawyer with no Bar Association Disciplinary Actions.
    The Workers Comp attorneys at Cantrell Green have a perfect record and have never been disciplined or reprimanded by the State Bar of California.
  3. Consider Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Super Lawyer. 
    Super Lawyers are attorneys who have been selected as being the best attorneys in their fields. They are evaluated on twelve separate indicators of high professional achievement & outstanding peer recognition.The Workers Comp lawyers at Cantrell Green have been recognized as Workers Comp Super Lawyers for several consecutive years.
  4. Ask how many years of experience the lawyer has practicing Workers’ Comp law. 
    Our law firm has been helping injured workers for over 40 years – since 1971. Our senior partner, Mario Cruz, has been providing legal representation in injured employee cases since 1992.
  5. Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney who offers a FREE Consultation. 
    The Workers Comp lawyers at Cantrell Green never charge for you for a consultation. We are here to answer your Workers Compensation law questions so that you understand your legal rights.
  6. Hire a lawyer who charges NO up-front fees & only collects when he or she wins.
    The Workers’ Comp attorneys at Cantrell Green never take a penny until they win your case. Once we win for you only a small percentage is collected to cover your legal fees.

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