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Our experienced Orange County workers compensation attorneys have helped many men and women deal with the loss of a finger, hand, arm, leg or other limb or extremity. We understand that the physical, emotional and psychological effects of such an injury can be devastating. And we are here to assist you with skill and compassion in any way we can.

If you suffered a loss of limb or body part on the job, you are entitled to compensation for the damage to your body and your future lost wages. But, unfortunately, the workers compensation system can sometimes seem very cold and heartless when it comes to workers comp benefits for lost limbs or extremities.

And to make matters worse, the amount of benefits for the same body part can differ dramatically from state to state. This is because congress allows each state to determine its own benefits, with no federal minimums. As a result, workers who live in one state can experience much higher – or much lower – compensation amounts for the exact same injury.

The loss of an arm, for example, is compensated at only $48,840 in Alabama – while Illinois compensates the loss of an arm up to $439,858. Unfortunately, – and somewhat surprisingly – California is at the lower end of the spectrum for amputation compensation amounts. For example, in California loss of an arm has a maximum workers compensation award amount of only $190,603.

In a more extreme example, a big toe is compensated at a maximum of $6,090 in California, while in Oregon compensation for loss of a big toe caps at $90,401.88.

California Workers Compensation for Amputees

California – like most states – has its own “schedule of benefits” that determines the maximum compensation allowable for specific body parts. Workers are awarded a portion of their wages up to the California maximum for the specified number of weeks assigned to each body part.

Additionally, California (unlike most other state) also factors in certain age and occupational adjustments. Under these adjustments, older workers and those in more labor-intensive occupations (such as construction) receive additional benefits – while younger workers and those in “safer” jobs (such as office work) receive less in benefits for an amputation.

Also, in California any worker with an impairment rating of 70% or higher – such as those with complete arm or hand amputations – may qualify to receive a life-time pension.

California Workers Comp Amputation Values

Below is a list of lost limbs and the current maximum rate at which California compensates for them under the current California workers’ compensation schedule of benefits.

NOTE: These figures are for example only and are calculated based on a worker aged 37 – 41, with an injury that moderately affects their ability to do their job (such as a forklift driver with a wrist injury). 

  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Arm: $190,603
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Leg: $92,583
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Hand: $153,483
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Thumb: $42,050
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Index Finger: $14,645
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Middle Finger: $14,645
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Ring Finger:$6,090
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Pinky: $6,090
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Foot: $48,140
  • Workers Compensation for Loss of Big Toe:  $6,090

Your age and other occupational adjustment will affect these figures. If you have suffered an amputation, call our experienced Workers Comp Attorneys for a FREE case evaluation of your specific injury.

Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyers for Amputees

If you have suffered the loss of a limb or extremity, or endured an amputation as a result of a work related injury, our hearts go out to you. Our experienced workers compensation lawyers will do everything in their power to help you obtain the maximum workers comp benefits for which you qualify – so you can heal physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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