TV Commercials & Workers Comp Attorneys

The Truth about TV Commercial Workers Comp Attorneys

Anyone with a TV set has seen the dramatic and often “heart wrenching” commercials for Workers Comp attorneys. Some are sensitive and well done, while others are a bit “cheap” or “cheesy” looking. And, of course they all promise “big settlements”.

But what most people do not realize is that most of these TV commercial workers comp law firms are actually out of state!

Does it matter if your workers comp attorney is out of state? Yes!

5 reasons not to hire an out-of-state workers comp attorney:

(1.) You will likely never meet a TV commercial attorney in person.

Using an out-of-state attorney means that you will not be able to meet with them face-to-face. You do not ever get to “know” them – and they certainly never get to “know” you. You will likely just talk to their staff in another state most of the time.

(2.) The TV commercial attorney on the phone likely won’t handle your hearings.

Often times, out-of-state law firms “rope you in” with a fancy commercial – and then hire a different attorney in your area to handle any hearings. So the attorney you thought you hired based on the commercial isn’t even the one representing you in court. Instead, someone you didn’t choose, don’t know and have never met is now handling your case.

(3.) Local attorneys know the local judges, hearing officers, court personnel and court procedures – while out-of-state TV commercial attorneys do not.

Every workers compensation appeals board office is slightly different – with their own “way of doing things”. A local attorney who is in that office every week has a much better understanding of “how the system works” HERE than an attorney who has never been in that office or courtroom before.

(4.) Local attorneys can work with local doctors and hospitals to obtain your records and file them with the Workers Compensation Board.

Often times the biggest slow down in a workers compensation case is obtaining all of the appropriate medical records, documentation, MRIs, x-rays, etc. and getting them submitted to the workers comp board in a timely fashion. Would you rather have somebody right here in Los Angeles & Orange County do this for you – or somebody 3,000 miles away in New York trying to gather and submit your medical records?

(5.) Big TV commercial attorneys can have big problems

Most people have seen the commercials for that well-known law firm with their cowboy hat wearing attorney spokesman.  What most people don’t know is that their law firm is actually based out of New York. It is reported that in 2010 that law firm spent twenty million dollars on national TV advertising  . . . and then they filed Bankruptcy! If you look at their Better Business Rating you will see that they also have 85% negative feedback from clients.

These big, national, out-of-state law firms are likely focused a lot more on the business of getting as many clients as possible – rather than focusing on a commitment to personally serving clients, like we are.

We Are Orange County Workers Comp Attorneys

Marilyn Green and Dick Cantrell formed Cantrell Green more than 4 decades ago specifically to serve disabled workers in Orange County and Los Angeles. While other law firms may use flashy & expensive advertising to boost their business, Cantrell Green has stayed in business for 40 years because of referrals from our many satisfied clients.

Cantrell Green’s success is built upon our ability to give our injured clients the best legal representation possible. Our attorneys will meet with you, shake your hand, and help you through the system in-person, every step of the way. You will always know who is representing you – and your attorney is only a few miles away if you ever need to see them.

Cantrell Green also provides something you simply cannot get from out-of-town attorneys: experienced advice on the local judges & hearing officers, knowledge of how the system works here in Orange County, and advice for getting the best results from the workers comp process locally.

If you have been injured at work, do not be lured in by TV commercials from out-of-state attorneys.  Call our experienced, dedicated and caring Workers Comp Attorneys right here in Orange County for a free consultation today. Our Workers’ Comp attorneys have helped hundreds of Orange County residents get the workers comp benefits they deserve.

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