Workers Comp Permanent Disability Part 2: Calculating Benefits

How Much Can I Get in Workers Compensation Permanent Disability Benefits?

When you are injured you always hold out hope that you may someday recover. However, sadly, with some medical conditions further improvement no longer remains an option at some point.

In this is case, we understand that you are concerned about how you will support yourself and your family. We have helped hundreds of permanently disabled workers in California collect the Permanent Workers Compensation disability benefits – helping relieve some of their financial stress.

This is the second part of two part article about collecting Permanent Disability Benefits in California.

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Calculating Your Workers Comp Permanent Disability Benefit

Once you receive your Permanent Disability (PD) Rating, you can figure out the amount of benefits you will receive.

Generally, you can receive up to two-thirds of your weekly wages. However, this dollar amount is subject to both a minimum and maximum amount set by law. The weekly minimum and maximum amounts that apply in your case will depend upon the date of your injury.

The chart below shows the maximum and minimum Permanent Disability Rates in California for the last three years. For Permanent Disability Rates for other years – or if you need help interpreting this chart – please call our law office and an attorney will help you calculate your specific benefit eligibility.

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How Long Does Workers Comp Permanent Disability Last?

The length of time that you receive weekly Permanent Disability payments will also depend upon both your Permanent Disability (PD) rating, as well as the date of your injury.

An even more complicated chart – called the Permanent Disability Indemnity Chart – uses your PD rating, the year of your injury, and other factors to determine the number of weeks that the payments will last.  This chart can be confusing – and even downright misleading! Rather than publish this complicate chart here, we encourage you to call our office. Our experienced Workers Compensation attorneys will be happy to help you calculate the amount of Permanent Disability benefits for which you may be eligible.

When & How Workers Comp Permanent Disability Payment Is Made

Generally, Permanent Disability benefits are required to begin within 14 days of the date that the workers’ temporary disability payments stop. (Note: There are exceptions to this rule that apply to workers who are earning close to what they earned prior to the accident.)

Also, the insurance company is required by law to pay Permanent Disability benefits at least every two weeks. If the insurer’s payment is made late, they will automatically owe you an additional 10% of the late payment.

Life Pensions for Workers Comp Permanent Disability

If your Permanent Disability rating is 70% or higher, you are also eligible for an additional weekly amount called the “life pension” – which begins once Permanent Disability payments end. While these additional weekly amounts are relatively low, they are still income to which you are entitled and should not be forgotten.

We have helped hundreds of permanently disabled workers in California collect the maximum amount of Workers Compensation Permanent Disability benefits to which they are entitled. Call us today and we can help you understand the Workers Compensation Permanent Disability benefits for which you qualify.

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