Getting Workers Comp for Ankle Injuries

Getting Workers Comp for Ankle Injuries

Statistics indicate that nearly 15 percent of all workers’ comp claims are the result of slip and fall accidents in the workplace. And one of the most common injuries from slips, trips, and falls are broken ankle bones.

Our Long Beach attorneys have helped many disabled clients collect the workers compensation benefits they deserve.  In this article our attorneys discuss some of the issues that arose in ankle injury workers comp cases.

Proving Disability in Ankle Injury Workers Comp Case

Many injured employees don’t initially realize that their leg or ankle is fractured or broken ankle – and may try to keep working, thinking it is only a “twist” or a sprain. And some ankle breaks can easily be missed in x-rays, if they are “hairline fractures”.

Unfortunately, missing, ignoring or misdiagnosing a broken ankle can make a person’s injury much worse.  In fact, failure to treat a fractured ankle as soon as it happens is necessary to prevent further complications, worsening pain, and even permanent ankle damage.

Some symptoms of a broken or fractured ankle include:

  • Hearing a crack, pop, or snapping sound when it happens
  • Immediate, intense throbbing pain
  • Tenderness in and around the ankle when touched
  • Swelling or bruising in the ankle or surrounding leg or foot
  • Inability to put weight on the foot without intense pain
  • Inability to move (paralysis) of the foot or ankle

If you believe your ankle was broken, it is essential to get it properly diagnosed in order to prevent additional damage AND to get the workers comp benefits you deserve. Often time clinics (especially industrial clinics) may miss the fracture.

If this happens and you are still experiencing pain or swelling, it is wise to seek a second opinion or x-ray. If possible seeing an orthopedic (bone) specialist is the best way to get the treatment you need to heal AND the documentation you need for your workers comp case.

Workers Comp Benefits for Broken Ankles

A broken ankle can be extremely painful and prevent you from working because you are unable to walk stand, or even drive. A fractured ankle can also require expensive medical treatment – including ongoing rehabilitative physical or occupational therapy. In many case a fractured ankle can keep you from walking and being able work for 11 weeks or longer.

If your ankle injury was the result of a workplace injury it is the law that your employer must honor your workers’ comp claim – and pay your medical bills and your compensation.

But many employers and their insurance companies try deny rightful benefits for ankle injuries. In some cases they may try to insist that it is just a sprain and not broken. In other cases – depending upon your type of employment – they may try to insist that you are fine to return to work.

In cases of clerical or other “seated” workers, a company may forcefully claim that the employee can still work because they do not have to walk to perform their job. They may try to dismiss the pain, swelling and other issues you are facing to try to deny your claim.

Long Beach Attorneys for Workers Comp Ankle & Leg Injury

In these cases it is essential that you talk to any experienced workers’ comp attorney, to ensure that you collect the benefits to which you are entitled. A caring and aggressive attorney knows how to “stand up” to the insurance companies and fight to obtain the benefits you need to cover your medical bills and make ends meet.

If you have been injured at work and you live in Long Beach, Anaheim, Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California, we offer a free consultation with an experienced workers compensation attorney. Our attorneys will help you understand your rights – and fight to obtain the maximum workers compensation benefits for which you qualify.

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