Are Social Security Disability Attorneys & Advocates the Same?

Social Security Disability Attorneys vs.Advocates

Many people do not realize that many of the Social Security Disability “attorneys” that they see advertising on TV commercials are actually “advocates,” and are NOT actually attorneys. When choosing a “law firm” to assist you in applying for (or appealing) Social Security Disability benefits it is important to be both careful and well informed about who you are hiring to help you win your case.

In this article our Long Beach attorneys explain the difference between Social Security Disability Attorneys & Social Security Disability Advocates – to help you choose your legal assistance wisely.

What Is a Social Security Advocate?

Social Security “Advocates” have not gone to law school, and they are not attorneys. While attorneys are required to be licensed by the California Bar Association, advocates are just lay people who speak for you in court.

Social Security attorneys have graduated from law school and have a Juris Doctorate Degree. They have studied the law for a minimum of three years, and have passed the California Bar Exam. Most attorneys have also gain experienced by “clerking” under other experienced lawyers while they are in school.

Equally important, attorneys are licensed and supervised by the California State Bar Association – and must stick to a strict code of professional and judicial ethics.

Additionally, since Advocates are not attorneys, if your case needs to be appealed to federal Court for any reason, and advocate can not appear on your behalf. However, attorneys CAN appear in any Court to represent you – including Federal Court if necessary.

Are Social Security Advocates Cheaper than Lawyers?

No! Many people assume that an “advocate” will cost less than an attorney in a Social Security case – but that is not true.

This is because legal fees for both Social Security Disability Attorneys and Advocate fees are set by the Court – and are the exact same.

To put it bluntly, a non-lawyer “advocate” will cost you the same amount as an attorney to represent you – but the advocate will have less education and fewer qualifications than an actual attorney.

As Long Beach area’s most experienced Social Security attorneys,our law firm has been winning Social Security Disability case for more than four decades. This always makes us wonder why a Social Security Applicant would hire a “non-attorney” to handle their case, when they could hire an experienced and specialized disability attorney for the exact same court-established fee!

When you hire the Social Security Disability attorneys at Cantrell Green you can be confident that you will be represented by a specialized Social Security Disability attorney, and NEVER an advocate.

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