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Social Security Benefits for Spouses & Children

Our Attorneys Discuss When Family Members are Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits Torrance One of the most important aspects of Social Security disability benefits is that payments are made not only to you, but to your qualified family members, as well. This is where SSI and […]

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How to Collect Social Security Faster

Our Attorneys Explain How to Collect Social Security Disability Faster A recent audit of the Social Security Administration system revealed that over one million applications are back-logged. Consumer watchdogs say that the average time to process Social Security claims is up to 450 days – and the number […]

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Female Social Security Attorneys

Los Angeles Best Female / Women Social Security Lawyers The disability law firm of Cantrell Green was founded in 1971 by attorneys Marilyn Green and Dick Cantrell. Forty years ago – when only 10% of law students were female – Ms. Green was a pioneer in championing […]

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Happy Birthday Social Security!

Lawyers Answer: Are My Social Security Benefits Safe? Next month Social Security reaches its 80th anniversary – on August 14, 2015. Established in 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt, the Social Security system was put in place to assist “the most vulnerable members of the American public.” And […]

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How Long Does It Take to Get Social Security Disabilty?

How Long Does Social Security Disability Approval Take? Unfortunately, it is hard to predict exactly how long it will take for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to decide your SSD case. Currently there is no law in place setting a deadline or fixed time period for the […]

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Lawyers Discuss Faster Social Security Determinations

Speeding Up Social Security Benefits: Expedited Decisions – The SSA will expedite (speed up) the Social Security Disability approval process in critical cases that fall within very specific categories. A Social Security Case can be expedited (processed faster), if: the SSD applicant served in the military on […]

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Orange County SSD Lawyers: 2015 Social Security Benefit Increase

Social Security Lawyers Explain 2015 1.7% Increase: Good news for Social Security recipients! Monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will increase 1.7 % in January, 2015. This 1.7% increase is the result of a “cost-of-living” or COLA adjustment. It is based on the increase in the “Consumer […]

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Social Security Disability Lawyers vs. Advocates

Social Security Lawyers vs. Social Security Advocates- In this article our Anaheim area lawyers explain the difference between Social Security Disability Lawyers & Social Security Disability Advocates. Most people do not realize that many of the Social Security Disability “firms” that they see advertising on TV and […]

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