The Best Social Security Lawyers in Santa Ana

Find the Best Social Security Lawyers in Santa Ana

Hire a Lawyer for a Santa Ana Social Security Case

A person applying for Social Security Disability is not required to hire a lawyer to represent them in their case. However, statistically it has been demonstrated that applicants using an attorney have a greater chance of being approved for Social Security than those claimants who do not have a lawyer. This is especially true at the hearing level of the SSDI claim.

If you are disabled due to an accident, injury or illness – and you are considering hiring a lawyer for your Santa Ana Social Security Disability case – here are some pointers to help you select the best Social Security Disability attorney for your case.

What to Look for in a Santa Ana Social Security Lawyer

Hire a Lawyer Who Offers a Free Consultation & Answers Your Questions For Your Santa Ana Social Security Case

An reputable Social Security Disability attorney will never charge you for the initial consultation in an SSD case. He or she should also take the time to understand your individual situation and medical issues, and address any concerns you may have. A good lawyer will always take as much time as necessary to answer all of your questions – without rushing you.

At the law firm of Cantrell Green, our compassionate lawyers offer a free consultation to clients in Social Security Disability cases.Our lawyers are deeply concerned about each individual client. We have committed our legal careers to helping disabled individuals. You have our word that we will always be available to patiently answer as many questions as you have – at any step of your SSD case.

Hire a Lawyer Who Only Collects Attorney Fees if You Win
Your Santa Ana Social Security Case

A formula determines how much lawyer fees will be in a Social Security case. The law allow layers to charge 25% of the “back payments” that are paid by the SSA to their client. And there is a maximum of $6,000. Additionally, if no back payments are awarded to the applicant, then the SSD lawyer cannot collect attorney fees.

Make sure you understand this formula so that your lawyer only collects the attorney fees that are allowed by Social Security law. If a Social Security lawyer tries to collect more than 25% of your “back pay” and/or more than $6,000, they are overcharging and are not acting ethically.

Hire a Lawyer Who Handles Only Disability Cases
For Your Santa Ana Social Security Case

At Cantrell Green, we practice only disability law. This is because we strongly believe that to be the best lawyers in SSD cases, lawyers should only handle disability cases. Our lawyers do not handle criminal cases, family law matters, or other types of cases that are not disability cases.

Unlike many other law firms who take any case that comes through the door, our lawyers commit their entire legal practice to disability. In this way we are able to develop the expertise, skill and experience to understand every aspect of your Social Security case. We keep up with all the latest SSDI regulations, we know every SSDI Administrative Law Judge, and we ensure that every SSD client gets the maximum benefits they deserve in their Santa Ana Social Security Case.

Questions for Your Santa Ana Social Security Lawyer:

What Affiliations, Professional Memberships or Awards Does the Lawyer Have?

When a law firm is legitimately specialized in Social Security cases, their lawyers will belong to many professional groups related to disability law. Also, they may have received esteemed legal awards – for example “Super Lawyer” awards!

At the Santa Ana area law firm of Cantrell Green our lawyers belong to these professional groups:

  • Harbor Area Applicants’ Attorneys
  • National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives
  • Women Lawyers of Long Beach
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Mexican American Bar Association
  • California Applicant Attorneys Association
  • Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group

The lawyers at the Santa Ana area Social Security Lawyers have these awards:

  • Super Lawyers – consecutively every year from 2004 – 2015
  • AV (highest) Rating from Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers

How Many Years of Social Security Experience Does the Attorney Have?

With more than 40 years of experience representing disabled workers, the Santa Ana area law firm of Cantrell Green has helped more than 10,000 deserving clients. Our esteemed law firm was founded by lawyers who were pioneers in protecting disabled workers’ rights  in 1971. Since that time, our dedicated lawyers have obtained more than $100 million in disability compensation for our valued clientele.

What Percent of the Lawyers Cases are Disability Cases?

Our lawyers are truly passionate about handling only disability cases. At the Santa Ana area law firm of Cantrell Green every one of our lawyers represents only disabled workers every week of the year.

It is our sincerely held belief that in order to be the best disability law firm in the Santa Ana area, we should be committed to focusing every bit of our energy on disability cases. This enables us to learn every aspect of disability law – and perfect our legal skills in the area of representing disabled individuals. We have been 100% committed to collecting the maximum compensation for disabled clients as far back as 1971. This is a claim few other law firms in the Santa Ana area can make.

How Many Social Security Applicants Has the Lawyer Represented?

Few law firms can match the depth of experience we have in four decades of representing disabled individuals. We have assisted more than 10,000 men and women in obtaining the maximum disability benefits to which they are entitled.

This unparalleled level of legal experience is what sets Cantrell Green apart from other Santa Ana area lawyers. Our lawyers understand every aspect of Social Security Disability law. And we will use this experience and knowledge to fight for you – obtaining the maximum amount of Social Security for which you qualify, as quickly as possible.

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