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Getting Workers Compensation for a Heart Attack

Can I Collect Workers Compensation for a Heart Attack? Workers Compensation is awarded for “work related” injuries or illness. An injury or illness is considered work-related if exposure or an event in the work environment caused a condition or contributed to it, or aggravated a pre-existing condition […]

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Workers Compensation for Temporary Workers

Workers Compensation for Temporary Workers – All employees who are injured at work are entitled to Workers Compensation under California Law. This includes leased, loaned and temporary workers.  (Only 1099 or “independent contractors” may not be covered – see more here about 1099 workers). But when a […]

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Can I Get Workers Comp for COPD?

Can I Get Workers Comp for COPD? Yes, if you or a loved one is unable to work due to advanced COPD, you can collect Workers Comp benefits – if the COPD was the result of your employment. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – usually called COPD – […]

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Social Security vs. Workers Comp for Deafness & Hearing Loss

Long Beach Lawyers: Do I Get Social Security or Workers Comp for Deafness & Hearing Loss?– May is National Hearing Protection Month. For more than four decades the attorneys at Cantrell Green have been fighting for the rights of injured workers. We have collected millions of dollars […]

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Collecting Both Social Security & Workers Comp for Hearing Loss

Can I Collect BOTH Workers Compensation AND Social Security Disability for Hearing Loss? Yes. Under some circumstances you can collect Social Security Disability for hearing loss – even if you are already collecting Workers Comp for your hearing loss. However, your Social Security Benefits will typically be […]

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