Social Security Adds 3 Diseases to Compassionate Allowance List

Social Security Adds 3 Impairments to Compassionate Allowance List

In 2008 The Social Security Administration put in place a “Compassionate Allowance Program” to help the most severely disabled individuals get their Social Security disability benefits faster, without long delays.

The Compassionate Allowance List (CAL) program applies to both Social Security Disability (SSDI) cases as well as SSI claims. If an applicant has a condition listed on the CAL, the Social Security Administration will expedite their benefits decision.

Illnesses, diseases and disabilities included on the Compassionate Allowance List are considered to be the most serious conditions. Originally the Social Security Compassionate Allowance List only included 50 diseases and conditions.  Thirteen new conditions were added the following year, increasing the total number of Compassionate Allowances disabilities to 113 at that time.

Diseases and illnesses have continued to be added to the Social Security CAL since. In September the Social Security Administration added 3 conditions, bringing the Compassionate Allowance List up to 228.

Diseases added to Social Security Compassionate Allowance List:

CACH / Vanishing White Matter Disease

Vanishing White Matter disease (VWM), is also called Childhood Ataxia with Central Nervous System Hypomyelination (CACH). It is a devastating disease that destroys the brain’s white matter (myelin).

Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy

Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy is a hereditary disease that is usually identified at birth or soon after, that results in muscle stiffness, muscle wasting and muscle weakness.

Kleefstra Syndrome

Kleefstra syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that includes developmental delay, intellectual disability, severely limited or no speech, and weak muscle tone.

The Compassionate Allowance program means that a Social Security applicant’s claim will be processed faster. But it does not, in every case, mean that the Social Security claim will be “automatically” approved. Many of the impairments on the CAL are considered to be disabling based on a diagnosis alone. But some other conditions on the Compassionate Allowance List must still meet certain criteria of severity.

CLICK HERE to see a complete list of the 228 conditions on the Compassionate Allowance List in 2017.

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