Lawyers Tips for Collecting Social Security – Part 2

How to Get Approved for Social Security Disability (Pt 2)

As experienced Social Security Disability lawyers, we have helped thousands of hardworking men and women in the Los Angeles area collect the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve.

In this two part article, our lawyers will offer 10 general tips for steps you can take to make sure you are not denied the Social Security Disability benefits to which you are entitled.

Of course, every Social Security Disability case is different – and there is no substitute for the advice of an experienced Social Security lawyer! That is why we offer a FREE consultation. Call our Long Beach, Los Angeles area lawyers today if you have questions about collecting your Social Security Disability benefits.

6. Comply with “CE” Requests to get Social Security

Often the Social Security Administration will request additional medical documentation. This typically happens when you do not have your own “treating physician” and/or if your own “treating physician” has submitted incomplete medical records.

When this happens, the SSA will often request that you be examined by one of THEIR doctors – for what is called a “consultative examination” or “CE”.

If you do NOT attend a “consultative examination” you are putting yourself at serious risk for being denied disability benefits.

Unfortunately, every year hundreds of SSD applicants are denied benefits simply because they did not comply with the request for a CE. If yu are asked to take a CE, make sure you do it!

7. Always Follow Prescribed Therapy– Los Angeles Lawyers

Many people are denied disability benefits because they have failed to follow a doctor’s prescribed therapy. Failing to follow prescribed treatment can include: failure to take prescribed medication; failure to attend therapy; or, failing to have required surgery, etc.

And if do not comply with your doctor’s suggested therapy the SSA will likely determine that (1.) You are disabled anymore; or, (2.) You are disabled – but only because you are failing to comply with treatment. In either case they will typically deny your benefits.

If you fail to comply with therapy, treatment or medication prescriptions ‘you are putting yourself at risk for being denied Social Security – so always “follow Doctor’s Orders” to maximize your chance of being approved for Social Security Disability!

8. Get Drug Addiction or Alcoholism Help

Many people do not know that SSDI benefits can be denied on the basis that the person’s drug addiction or alcoholism is a “contributing factor” to his or her disability.

If you suffer from Drug Addiction or Alcoholism, the SSA may determine that you would not be disabled if you stopped using drugs or alcohol. So, it is always important – both for your well-being and for your disability claim – that you seek substance abuse treatment any time you are facing addiction issues.

9. Keep Your Criminal Record Clean to Get Social Security

Certain conditions related to the conviction of a crime or imprisonment can result in Social Security denial. For example, a person typically cannot collect SSDI in prison after being convicted of a felony. (With some limited exceptions)

Also, any injury – or worsening of an existing disability – that a person suffered while you were in prison cannot be the basis of collecting Social Security benefits. (However, a person may be able to receive benefits after being released from prison.)

Also, a person generally cannot collect SSDI for an injury (or the worsening of an existing disability) resulting from the commission of a felony for which they were convicted.

So keeping out of trouble with the law will always maximize your chances of collecting Social Security Disability!

10. Be 100% Honest in Your Social Security Application

If you are determined to have obtained disability benefits by “dishonest means”, your benefits will be terminated immediately. And, the SSA will also be likely to prosecute you for fraud, which is a serious criminal offense.

Likewise, if you obtained Social Security benefits through fraud on the part of someone working for the SSA, your benefits will also be immediately terminated.

Our lawyers always strongly encourage every Social Security applicant to be completely honest in applying for Social Security benefits. In addition to losing benefits, large fines and even prison time can be imposed upon those who try to obtain Social Security benefits by fraudulent means.

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