Social Security Lawyers for Lewy Body Disease

Social Security for Lewy Body Disease

A few days ago, Ted Turner’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Disease made headline news. This comes on the tails of recent news stories revealing that brilliant comic Robin Williams was suffering from undiagnosed Lewy Body disease in the months before his tragic and untimely passing. Yet many people are still unfamiliar with this devastating condition.

But surprisingly, Lewy Body Disease is not at all rare disease. In fact LBD affects an estimated 1.4 million people and their families in just the US.

Because Lewy Body n strikes well before retirement age – robbing people of the cognitive abilities to maintain employment – most individuals with Lewy Body disease need to obtain Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible. In this article our experienced Social Security lawyers explain the fastest way to collect Social Security for LBD.

What Is Lewy Body Disease?

Lewy Body Disease (LBD) is a type of progressive dementia that causes cognitive impairments and abnormal behavioral change. A build-up of an abnormal protein in the brain called “Lewy bodies” cause brain cell loss and atrophy. Approximately 10% of LBD cases are of a type which can be reversed, with the rest being progressive. The results is difficulties with perception, thinking, alertness and behavior. Eventually it will lead to disorganized speech; visual hallucinations; loss of movement, and often depression.

While LBD can be treated and even slowed with certain drugs (such as levodopa-carbidopa combinations, acetycholinesterase inhibitors, and Clonazepam) there is sadly currently no cure.

Social Security for Lewy Body Disease

Individuals with Lewy Body Disease will almost certainly qualify for Social Security Benefits. If you have earned a sufficient number of work credits during your previous work history you will qualify for Social Security Disability (SSDI). Even if you do not have any work credits or do not have enough work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability, you should still be able to qualify for the lower-paying “needs based” SSI benefits.

Fast Social Security for Lewy Body Disease with Compassionate Allowance

The slight bit of good news is that Lewy Body Disease is one of the conditions that qualifies a person to receive rapid Social Security Benefits under the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances program. The SSA implemented the “Compassionate Allowance Program” to help disabled individuals who need benefits the most, get them faster – sometimes being approved for benefits in less than two weeks.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for Lewy Body Disease under the Compassionate Allowance Program, an individual must:

  • Provide documented clinical evidence of progressive dementia from your treating physician, neurologist, or psychiatrist; and
  • Document progressive loss ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL) (usually a report from a caregiver or family member).

The vast majority of Lewy Body Disease cases are approved for Social Security through the Compassionate Allowance program – but denial is unfortunately possible due to improperly completed claim forms or submission of insufficient medical evidence. If this happens the services of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can dramatically speed along your appeals process.

A lawyer will be able to figure out what is missing or what you may have done wrong or incompletely – so that your reconsideration request and disability hearing before an administrative law judge results in a rapid approval. Statistics very clearly show that Social Security Disability applicants who have an attorney are much more likely to be awarded benefits on an appeal than those who try to represent themselves.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Our experienced Los Angeles area Social Security attorneys are here to help you collect your maximum Social Security Disability for Lewy Body Disease as quickly as possible. If you or a loved one is suffering from LBD, dementia or any serious medical condition, our experienced lawyers would be happy to discuss your unique situation with you, to ensure that you receive the maximum Social Security Disability benefits for which you may qualify as soon as possible.

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