Social Security Disability for Mental or Psychological Illness (Part 2)

Applying for Social Security Disability for a Mental Illness or Psychological Condition (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two part article, in which our experienced Long Beach Social Security attorneys discuss applying for Social Security Disability for a mental illness and other psychological conditions.
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Social Security Disability RFC Form

In the previous article we explained how important the Treatment Notes are from your own treating physician, or psychiatrist or psychotherapist. However, even if your health care provider’s treatment notes are very thorough, they may not include exact or specific pertinent details about how your mental illness impacts your ability to function at home, at work or socially.

When this is the case, our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys recommend that you have your doctor also fill out a residual functional capacity assessment form (“RFC”) One of the best things you can do to build a strong case is to have your treating doctor thoroughly complete an RFC form for submission to the Social Security Administration.

It is actually the law that the Social Security examiners are required to give weight and importance to your own doctor’s opinions about your mental illness or psychological condition, and its impact on your ability to function. A strong “RFC” can substantially improve your chances of being approved, if it demonstrates the negative impact of your mental illness or psychological disability on your ability to work.

Social Security Disability Consultative Exam

After Social Security examiners review your application, associated forms, medical records, and RFC they will decide if still more information is needed to approve or deny your Social Security Disability claim. When they want further  information, they have the right to order you to have a consultative exam (“CE”).

Generally they will arrange a consultative exam (CE) with your own treating doctor. However, they may also refer you to a different physician – whom they chose – for your CE. Often, if an applicant has been diagnosed with a mental illness or a psychological condition by a doctor who not a psychiatrist, they will refer the person to a licensed psychiatrist for a thorough CE.

You MUST comply with any request for a consultative exam. Failing to submit to requested CE can shift result in a denial of Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security Disability: Third Party Evidence

Finally,  Social Security also has the right to contact third parties that you have identified, in order to gather more information about your abilities and activities. Though this may seem daunting, it can actually help your case, ife reliable and credible people offer information that helps establish the daily living impact of your mental illness or psychological condition. Supplying the SSA with the names and contact information of people who can personally attest the effects of your mental condition on your ability to function can be a great help. You may want to include: former employers, teachers, social workers, neighbors or pastors – as well as family members and friends.

Our Long Beach Social Security Attorneys Help You

If you are suffering from a cognitive disability that affects your ability to think, organize, express yourself, or function at home and work, hiring an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is generally the best way to ensure you present the best possible case to the Social Security.

If you are mentally ill or cognitively or psychologically disabled, our experienced Long Beach Social Security Disability attorneys can help make the application (or appeals) process easier and faster for you. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Long Beach Social Security Disability attorney.

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