Social Security Advocates vs. Attorneys

What is the Difference Between Social Security Advocates & Attorneys?

Many of the Social Security Disability firms that you see advertised on TV in Los Angeles, California are actually “advocates,” and are not attorneys or law firms. So what is the difference between a Social Security Disability Advocate & and a Social Security Attorney?

“Advocates” have not gone to law school, do not have a law degree and are not licensed attorneys. Advocates have much less legal education than attorneys. Also, advocates cannot appeal your case in federal court if necessary – because they are not attorneys.

Advocates are also not licensed, tested, monitored or regulated by the California Bar Association like Social Security Disability attorneys are. Attorneys are held to a strict code of conduct by the Bar Association, while Advocates are not.

Is a Social Security Advocate Cheaper than an Attorney?

Social Security Disability legal fees are set by the court, so a non-lawyer advocate will cost you the same amount as an attorney. As experienced Social Security attorneys, we cannot comprehend why someone would want to pay a “non-attorney” to represent them when they could hire an experienced and disability lawyer for the exact same fee!

Read the Fine Print When Hiring an Advocate or Attorney!

Always specifically ask any disability firm that you are considering if you will be represented by an “advocate” or by an actual, licensed Social Security Disability attorney.

If you hire the disability law firm of Cantrell Green you will be represented by a specialized Social Security Disability attorney, who has successfully handled hundreds of Social Security cases in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

We have the experience to help you to rapidly complete all necessary forms, and then file your application or appeal electronically with the Social Security Administration – in order to speed up the processing of your Social Security Disability case.

We will also handle contacting your doctors and health care providers to obtain all of the necessary medical documentation required to win a Social Security disability case. And, our expert disability attorneys will also monitor your case every step of the way to ensure that your disability application or appeal moves through the system as quickly as possible.

After our disability attorneys win your case, we will review your benefits awards to ensure that you always continue to receive your disability benefits as long as your disability prevents you from working. And should your disability case ever be reviewed in the future to determine if you are eligible for continuing benefits, our attorneys will be there to assist you.

Our Experienced Social Security Attorneys Get Maximum Benefits

Be careful and informed when choosing a firm to assist you with your Social Security Disability case or appeal. Make certain that you are being represented by an attorney and not just an “advocate.”

If you have been disabled and you live in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California, we offer a free consultation with an experienced California Social Security attorney. We will help you understand your rights, and obtain the maximum Social Security Disability benefits for which you qualify.