How to Calculate Social Security Disability – 2018

Social Security Lawyers Explain How to Calculate SSDI 

Eligible Social Security Disability Insurance claimants receive benefits each month that are calculated based on their “average lifetime earnings” before they became disabled. Your Social Security Disability amount is NOT based on your household income or how severe your disability is.

In other words, the amount of SSD you receive is not based on how serious your disability is, or how much money or income you have. It is simply based on how much you have “paid in” to the Social Security system over the course of your employment.

The amount of SSDi one receives on a monthly basis is different for every person, and is calculated by the Social Security Administration (SSA) using a complex formula. The maximum disability benefit was $2,788 in 2018. Most recipients receive SSD benefits between $300 and $2,200. The average monthly SSDI payment in 2018 is $1,197.

What is Social Security Disability AIM and PIA? Orange County Lawyers

Social Security bases your disability benefits on the amount of income that you have paid Social Security taxes on. This amount is called “covered earnings.”

A very complex formula is applied using your “covered earnings” to determine your benefit amount.

First, your covered earnings over a period of years is divided by the number of months to give you a figure known as “average indexed monthly earnings” this is also called your AIME.

Now, here’s where it gets really complex! A formula is applied to your AIME. The formula consists of applying fixed percentages to different amounts of your income from different years (based on so-called “bend points,” which are adjusted each year) to calculate your “primary insurance amount” (PIA). The PIA is then the base figure that the Social Security Administration uses in determining your benefit amount.

Can I “Look Up” My Disability Benefits? Orange County SSD Lawyers

Yes, there are a few ways to check your annual Social Security Benefits:

  1. You can check your Social Security Statement. Social Security sends out a printed statement every 5 years to people who are not receiving benefits. They also send statements every year to anyone over 60.
  2. You can also check your Social Security Statement online at
  3. If you prefer to enter your lifetime salary information yourself rather than relying on Social Security’s past records and estimates of your future earnings, you can use the SSA’s online benefits calculator at
  4. You can also visit your local Social Security office in person and a representative can estimate what your Social Security benefits will be.

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