Ask the Orange County Social Security Lawyers

Ask the Orange County Social Security Lawyers:
Is Taping Social Security Phone Calls Allowed?

The Social Security Administration has approximately 40,000 staff members – handling more than 3 million Social Security applications annually. As a result the SSA staff is often overwhelmed, with insufficient time to devote to each case.

Certain Social Security experts have even speculated that Social Security staff only answers about 50% of the questions they are asked accurately . . . meaning that approximately half of their answers are misleading, incomplete or just plain wrong.

Social Security expert Laurence J. Kotlikoff, writing in a recent issue of Forbes magazine, has suggested that applicants who call the Social Security administration should actually tape record their conversations!

He quite seriously suggests that you put a tape recorder next to your phone when you call – or in your pocket when you are in the Social Security office!  It is his theory that this will provide you with ammunition for filing an appeal to get lost benefits if you are denied because of a Social Security Administration employee’s mistake.

Orange County Social Security Lawyers

Keep in mind, however, that while under federal law you can record a phone call without telling the person you’re recording – under California law you must get the consent of the other party. So you need to get permission of the SSA staffer – and there’s a pretty good chance they won’t agree to letting you tape them.

Our experienced attorneys believe that taping the Social Security staff is not only a somewhat extreme solution – but also one that could lead to trouble down the road.

Our attorneys believe that a better solution to protect your rights in a Social Security case is to get your advice from a skilled and experienced Social Security lawyer! Rather than rely on the information you get from an overworked and undertrained SSA employee (who clearly isn’t “on your side”), have a knowledgeable Social Security attorney answer your questions and handle your case.

Our Orange County Social Security Lawyers Can Help!

Why risk getting bad information from a Social Security employee when you could get the correct information you need to protect your rights from a well-informed and experienced Orange County Social Security lawyer?

Instead of making another call “on your own” to the Social Security office, call our experienced Orange County Social Security attorneys. We will give you the information you need to understand your rights and we will fight aggressively for you – so you obtain the maximum benefits for which you qualify!

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