California Workers Compensation Fraud

Deputy Arrested for Workers Compensation Fraud – 

The recent case of a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy is a sobering example of the dangers of exaggerating – or “faking” – an injury in order to collect Workers Compensation.

Matthew Tobolsky claimed to have suffered a back injury from lifting a two 5-gallon water bottles at work. He told doctors he was suffering from debilitating pain that made him unable to do even light duty, and was awarded workers compensation.

But workers compensation investigators followed him around – and found that the forty year old deputy continued to work out at the gym, and lift heavy weights.

Yes, you read that right, there are indeed “workers compensation investigators” who work for the insurance companies, secretly observing injured workers to try and disprove that they are unable to work.

Now Deputy Tobolsky faces multiple felony charges for allegedly faking a back injury to receive workers’ compensation. He has been charged with eight counts of insurance fraud, two counts of filing a false claim, three counts of attempted perjury and one count of failing to disclose information that affects a payment, according to the San Diego District Attorney’s office.

His trial is scheduled to start this week – and District Attorney Summer Stephen has said Tobolsky faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Workers Compensation Fraud is a Serious Crime

As you can see from the example of this Deputy, workers compensation fraud is taken very seriously and can lead to criminal prosecution, felony conviction and even prison time.

In 1991 California established The Workers’ Compensation Fraud Program – making workers’ compensation fraud a felony, and requiring insurers to report suspected fraud. That legislation also set up a fund to enforce and prosecute workers compensation fraud.

From 2015-16, the California Workers Compensation Fraud Division identified and reported 5,380 suspected fraud cases. During the same time frame, district attorneys prosecuted 1,379 cases with 1,617 suspects. A total of 731 arrests were made, resulting in 610 convictions.

Win Your Workers’ Compensation Case Without Fraud

If you have been injured or made ill by your workplace conditions, the California workers compensation system is here to help you. But exaggerating or “faking” a medical condition is never, ever wise.

Our experienced workers compensation attorneys understand that some injured employees may think it will “help their case” to make an injury, Illness, or symptoms seem “really bad” or “worse than it is”.  But, in the long run, exaggerating your condition will only hurt your case . . .  and can lead to a possible denial of benefits or even criminal prosecution.

The best method for obtaining the maximum workers compensation benefits is to have an experienced attorney assist you, so that your medical documentation is clearly, completely, accurately, and punctually submitted.

Between expert doctors trained to spot fraud – and covert insurance company investigators watching your every move – exaggerating your claim will only hurt you. However, an experienced workers compensation attorney knows how to collect and present the necessary medical documentation to get your workers compensation benefits approved for your legitimate work-related injury or illness.

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