Social Security Attorneys vs. Social Security Advocates

Social Security Attorneys vs. Social Security Advocates

As experienced Long Beach Social Security attorneys we are sometimes asked by our clients what a “Social Security Advocates” does. In this article we explain the difference between Social Security Disability Attorneys & Social Security Disability Advocates.

What Is a Social Security Advocate?

Someone who is a “Social Security Advocate” has NOT gone to law school, and is not a licensed attorney. Advocates are just “laypeople” who charge you to fill out paperwork and speak for you at a hearing.

Social Security attorneys, on the other hand, have gone to law school. An attorney has at least two college degrees: undergraduate, plus a Juris Doctorate. Attorneys typically attend 7 years of college. Attorneys have spent at least 3 years studying the law and have passed the California Bar Exam. And, attorneys are also supervised by the State Bar Association, who holds them accountable for ethical behavior.

Advocates do not have a law degree and are not licensed by the California Bar Association. And, since Advocates are not licensed attorneys, they can appear at hearings bit they CANNOT appear in federal court if necessary.

Many people do not realize that many of the Social Security Disability “firms” that they see advertising -on TV, in newspapers and on buses, etc. – are “advocates,” and are NOT attorneys.

Are Advocates Cheaper than Social Security Attorneys?

The surprising answer is: No! Since Social Security Attorney fees and Advocate fees are both set by the Court, their fees are exactly same. In other words, a non-lawyer “advocate” costs the same as an attorney in a Social Security Disability case – BUT the advocate has far less education than an actual attorney!

In both cases, neither the advocate nor the attorney collect fees until you win your Social Security Disability benefits. So, it is puzzling why someone would hire a non-attorney advocate to handle their SSD case, when they could hire an experienced Social Security Attorney for for the exact same fee.

When you hire the Social Security Disability Attorneys at the law firm of Cantrell Green you will be represented by a specialized and experienced lawyer, and NEVER an advocate.

Free Consultation with Long Beach Social Security Attorneys

Social Security Disability Attorneys complete all necessary application forms. And then we file your application or appeal electronically – which speeds up the processing of your case. We also collect and submit all of the necessary medical information that is required to win your case. And our attorneys will monitor your case from start to finish, to make sure that you receive your SSD benefits quickly as possible.

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If you have been disabled and you live in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California, we offer a free consultation with an experienced California Social Security attorney to help you understand your rights and obtain the maximum Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for which you qualify.

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