Long Beach Social Security Lawyers Discuss Tips for Winning Your Case- Pt. 2

Long Beach Lawyers Discuss
How to Win Social Security Cases (Part 2)

Whether you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), there are proven strategies that can improve your likelihood of recieving the Social Security benefits for which you qualify.

In this two part our experienced Long Beach Social Security Lawyers discuss a two-part series, we will explain some of the important strategies that you – or your lawyer – need to take to help you get the maximum Social Security benefits you are qualified for – in the shortest amount of time. (Click Here for Part One of this Article)

Remember: these “tips” are not legal advice. No article is a substitute for experienced legal representation by a skilled Social Security lawyer. The following “ideas” are just to get you started on the path to understanding the many steps involved in improving your chances of collecting SSDI or SSI.

(5.) Give Social Security Administration Everything They Need

Social Security benefits are most frequently denied because the applicant has not submitted all the documentation and information necessary to result in a decision to award benefits. The most common missing documentation is usually the specific medical documentation / medical records of the claimants’ disability.

Sometimes this is because a doctor’s office or hospital doesn’t cooperate and fails to supply the records. Other times, they supply medical records but the records are incomplete or in an improper format. When the Social Security Administrative Law Judge has to make a determination – and there is “insufficient information” they will almost certainly deny benefits.

If you are suffering from a physical, mental or emotional illness, it can be very difficult for you to collect and submit all the required medical documentation. But without appropriate medical records and doctors’ reports, you decrease your likelihood of collecting SSD or SSI. An experienced disability lawyer can compile the documents for you and make sure they are submitted in a proper and timely fashion.

(6.) If You Are Denied, Don’t Get Discouraged, but Appeal ASAP

Although the majority of claims get denied at the initial application level, many claimants that appeal are ultimately awarded benefits after a hearing. This means that it pays to fight your case, if you have been unjustly refused benefits.

If your local Social Security office makes an initial determination that you are not disabled, your next step is to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This can take several more months – in some cases up to from six to eighteen months – so immediate appeal is essential.

At the appeal, an administrative law judge will evaluate the medical documentation you have supplied of demonstrating or “proving” your disability. Having an experienced attorney to properly submit the required documentation can greatly improve your chances of a favorable decision.

(7.) Beware of Bad Information

Unfortunately we have seen cases where a Social Security applicant listened to “bad information” given by Social Security personnel. In other situations, well meaning but mis-informed doctors or family members have steered Social Security applicants in the wrong direction!

One common “mistake” is when applicants are wrongly told that they need to wait 12 months before filing! As long as the disabling condition is expected to last for at least 12 months (or more) an applicant can (and should) apply for Social Security immediately!

We recommend that you ONLY get “legal information” about your Social Security Case from an experienced Social Security lawyer.

(8.) Keep Getting Medical Treatment for Your Disability

Thorough medical documentation is always the single most important element in winning Social Security cases. The Social Security Administration will never just “take your word” about your disability. You will NOT win benefits if you do not prove that you are disabled.

And, the only way to get strong and CURRENT medical documentation is to be seen and treated by a qualified doctor. Medical “proof” that is several years old or is incomplete will not be sufficient to “prove” you are disabled.

So always continue to see your doctors, and have them supply you with detailed and current reports that document your disability!

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