Lawyers Discuss Faster Social Security Determinations

Speeding Up Social Security Benefits: Expedited Decisions –

The SSA will expedite (speed up) the Social Security Disability approval process in critical cases that fall within very specific categories.

A Social Security Case can be expedited (processed faster), if:

  • the SSD applicant served in the military on or after October 1, 2001, or
  • the SSD applicant has a terminal illness, or
  • the SSD applicant’s qualifies for “compassionate allowance”, or
  • the SSD applicant is a threat to personal or public safety, or
  • the SSD applicant is in dire need of assistance.

Military Service for Expediting Social Security Disability  – Lawyers Long Beach

If you served in the armed forces on or after October 2, 2001, AND you were on duty when the disability began, you can have your Social Security Disability case expedited. Additionally, your medical condition does not need to be related to your military service.

Terminal Illness for Expediting Social Security Disability  – Lawyers Long Beach

Claims that qualify for rapid processing due to a terminal illness are called “TERI” cases. If your medical condition is terminal, you (or a family member) should notify the SSA immediately, and your case will be expedited.

Compassionate Allowance for Expediting Social Security Disability  – Lawyers Long Beach

The Compassionate Allowance Program allows (CAL) faster processing (3 to 4 weeks) for medical conditions serious enough to justify quick approval with minimal medical evidence. There are 88 specific medical conditions that more or less “automatically” qualify for Compassionate Allowance rapid processing. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about Compassionate Allowance.

Personal or Public Safety for Expediting Social Security Disability  – Lawyers Long Beach

If there is evidence that an applicant is a genuine threat to themselves (e.g. suicidal) or are a danger to the public (e.g. combative or homicidal), the SSA may expedite their claim. Evidence from the family, the police, or treating psychiatrists or doctors can be used to demonstrate that an applicant is a threat to themselves or to others.

Dire Need for Expediting Social Security Disability  – Lawyers Long Beach

If an applicant does not have access to food, shelter, or medical treatment, they may (rarely) be able to have their appeal hearing expedited. The applicant must advise the SSA that they are in dire need of assistance in one of these areas – and must also provide proof/evidence of their need. Some common examples of evidence of dire need include: eviction notices, utility shut-off notices, statements from a homeless shelter that indicating you are ineligible for its services. However, dire need is not frequently granted.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability, and you have questions about qualifying for rapid consideration (expediting) your application, our experienced disability lawyers would be happy to speak to you.