Lawyers Explain Calculating Social Security Disability Benefits

How Much Social Security Disability Will I Get?

April is officially Social Security’s “National Check Your Statement” Month! Sure it’s a made-up “holiday” but understanding your Social Security statement is important to all working Americans.

This is because everyone is entitled to receive a different amount of Social Security. The actual amount of Social Security Disability Insurance and Social Security Retirement benefits that you will receive can vary quite a bit, but will ultimately depend upon your age and your earnings.

For many years the Social Security Administration sent out paper statements annually to all Americans. However, as part of a budget-cutting plan, the SSA ended these mailings and put the information online. Unfortunately, few people ever remembered (or knew how) to check their statements, once they were online only.

So, after receiving many complaint, the Social Security Administration “split the difference.” They now send paper statements on a modified schedule only to older Americans – while everyone else must set up an online account to see their benefits.

Check the Amount of Your Social Security Benefits Online

If you don’t have a recent Social Security paper statement, go to the “My Social Security” website at and sign up for an account. It really is surprisingly easy to do – especially for a government website!

Once you are logged in you will see a four-page document that contains your wage history as well as your benefit projections or “estimates”.

Social Security Earnings Record

On page three of the statement you will see the official record of all of your taxed Social Security earnings. The SSA obtains this information from your tax records. It is a good idea to make sure the earnings record agrees with your own records. If it does not, you may call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

Estimated Social Security Retirement Benefits

On page two, you will see benefit projections that are an estimate of the retirement benefits you would receive at different claiming ages. This is based on your current earnings history. If you defer filing (wait until after age 62) the amount rises by 7% to 8% a year – until the benefit amount maxes out at age 70.

Estimated Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are younger than full retirement age (62), your statement will also indicate what Social Security disability you will qualify for if you become disabled. This is an estimated amount based on your earnings history. The more you have contributed over the years through taxes, the higher your benefit amount will be. (Note that once you reach full retirement age (FRA) these disability benefits will automatically convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits.)

And there you have it: a quick and easy way to check your estimated social security benefits!

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