How to Collect Social Security Faster

Our Attorneys Explain How to Collect Social Security Disability Faster

A recent audit of the Social Security Administration system revealed that over one million applications are back-logged. Consumer watchdogs say that the average time to process Social Security claims is up to 450 days – and the number of pending cases is the largest in Social Security’s history.

In July, the Social Security Administration replaced the two main officials in charge of the appeals office and the new head of the office says she is putting in place a plan to speed the system up. But, even with these changes, the backlog is only expected to get the wait time down to 270 days by 2020!

What Can You Do To Speed Up Your Social Security Case?

Our experienced disability attorneys have handled thousands of Social Security Disability cases. We know the system “inside and out”. Most of the backlog is with cases that were initially not approved, and are now in the Appeals process. So, getting approved on your Initial Application – rather than going through the appeals process – will help speed things along considerably.

To help your case move through the system, without getting unnecessarily delayed, our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys have compiled a list of steps that will help speed up your Social Security case.

Steps to Take to Speed Up Your Social Security Disability Case:

  • Hire An Experienced Social Security Attorney from the Start

Social Security Administration denies approximately 65% of initial disability applications. And, Social Security Disability appeals (“redeterminations”) are denied at the even higher rate of 85%.

However, Social Security Administration statistics show that claimants who are represented by lawyers have a much greater likelihood of winning than those who are not. So hiring an experienced attorney who “knows the ropes” will help ensure that you are approved and not denied.

  • Make Sure all Medical Documentation is Submitted

In any Social Security Disability case, you must prove that you have a physical or mental disease or health problem that is severe enough to keep you from working for at least 12 months.

If you do not provide enough supporting medical evidence about your disability when you first apply, your claim can take longer. The medical records that you and your doctors supply are used to decide whether you are disabled, and if the SSA is waiting for your records or documentation your case will take longer.

  • If You Have Already Been Denied, Appeal Immediately

There are very short time limits in which to file an appeal. Generally, all requests for review must be made within 60 days of the date the decision is received. If you do not appeal within the 60 days you will have to start your case over – which will cause further delays.

  • Apply For Expedited Processing, if You Qualify

Under some specific circumstances, a Social Security Case can be expedited (processed faster). If you meet one of the following criteria, your case will be sped up. So make sure you apply for expedited processing, if you meet any of these criteria.

  1. the SSD applicant served in the military on or after October 1, 2001, or
  2. the SSD applicant has a terminal illness, or
  3. the SSD applicant’s qualifies for “compassionate allowance”, or
  4. the SSD applicant is a threat to personal or public safety, or
  5. the SSD applicant is in dire need of assistance (such as food, shelter, etc.)


  • If Your Condition is in the “Blue Book” – Prove It With Medical Documentation

The first thing that an SSA Social Security disability examiner does in evaluating a physical or mental condition is to refer to the Social Security’s “official listing” of impairments – commonly referred to simply as “The Blue Book.” The Blue Book lists the medical conditions that Social Security recognizes as being “inherently disabling”, which result in somewhat “automatic” approval – IF your medical documentation is sufficient to show you have a Blue Book condition.

An experienced Social Security Attorney can tell you if you meet the Blue Book official listing, and what documentation you will need to effectively prove it.

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