Public Retirement Systems w/ CalPERS Reciprocity

List of Public Employee Benefit Systems with CalPERS Reciprocity –

Reciprocity is an agreement between different public retirement systems that allows employees to move from one public employer to another public employer – without losing valuable benefit rights – including retirement or disability retirement. If you were a member of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), and you changed your employment to another public employer, you may be eligible for “reciprocity”.

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Below is a list – current as the date of publication – of public retirement systems with CalPERS reciprocity.

Disclaimer: Information is current as of date of publication. Benefit Systems and reciprocity agreements are subject to change. This information is general only and not intended as legal advice. To determine if your public employer has reciprocity with CalPERs, consult with your employer or contact one of our lawyers.

Public Retirement Systems With CalPERs Reciprocity

Counties that maintain retirement systems under the County Employees’Retirement Law of 1937:

Alameda Mendocino San Mateo

Contra Costa Merced Santa Barbara

Fresno Orange Sonoma

Imperial Sacramento Stanislaus

Kern San Bernardino Tulare

Los Angeles San Diego Ventura

Marin San Joaquin

Independent Public Agency Retirement Systems

Public agencies maintaining their own retirement systems that have contracted with CalPERS to provide the benefits of reciprocity and the dates the reciprocal agreements were established:

City of Concord (11/27/70)*

City of Costa Mesa (safety employees only) (4/1/78)*

City of Fresno (misc. and safety retirement systems) (2/18/02)

City of Oakland (non-safety employees only) (4/1/71)

City of Pasadena (fire and police retirement) (5/4/01)

City of Sacramento (11/4/74)*

City of San Clemente (safety 1/1/85; non-safety 6/9/14)*

City of San Diego (6/25/92)

City and County of San Francisco (7/29/88)*

City of San Jose (misc. 12/9/94; safety 9/30/94)

Contra Costa Water District (3/2/88)

County of San Luis Obispo (4/19/84)

East Bay Municipal Utility District (4/16/84)

East Bay Regional Park District (safety employees only) (7/1/96)

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

(Non-Contract Employees’ Retirement Income Plan, formerly

Southern California Rapid Transit District) (5/12/71)

City of Los Angeles (7/14/97)

uCRP – The University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) (10/1/63)


* These entities are now CalPERS-covered employers. If you earned service credit in these systems prior to their CalPERS contract, you may be eligible for reciprocity for that earlier service credit.

There is NO reciprocity established between CalPERS and:

State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS),

Judges’ Retirement System (JRS),

Judges’ Retirement System II (JRS II),

Legislators’ Retirement System (LRS),

However, a different agreement between these systems and CalPERS does provide similar benefits.

If you are a CalPERs member who switched employment to another public employer and your new employer is – or is not – on this list, our experienced diability llawyers will be happy to give you a free consultation regarding your disability retirement benefits.

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