Finding the Best Social Security Disability Attorneys in Los Angeles & Orange County

If you have become ill or disabled and are unable to work, you need your Social Security benefits to support yourself and your family. You paid into the system all of these years – and you are entitled to get the maximum social benefits for which you qualify!

Because you need the maximum benefits you can collect – and you need them quickly – choosing the right Social Security Disability Attorney can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. But with so many attorneys out there – on the Internet and on TV – how do you find and choose the best Social Security attorney in the Los angeles or Orange County area?

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At the Law Firm of Cantrell Green, all we do is represent injured and disabled individuals. We are experts in every aspect of Social Security Law – because we have handled thousands of Social Security Cases, obtaining millions of dollars in benefits for our clients. Our SSD attorneys also develop relationships with the hearing officers and judges individually – so they understand what each one is looking for in granting approval of a Social Security Claim.

At Cantrell Green we have had Super Lawyers on our team every year for over a decade – demonstrating our ability and our respect in the legal community.

At the law firm of Cantrell Green your Social Security case will always be handled personally by your own, experienced Social Security attorney from beginning to end. Your attorney will be with you during every step of your case – as a caring listener and an aggressive advocate – to make certain that you obtain the maximum benefits for which you qualify.

If you have an injury, illness or disability that prevents you from working, we are here to help you. We have collected millions of dollars for thousands of disabled individuals in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Anaheim area.

For a free consultation with a Social Security Attorney in the Anaheim area, Call: 562-622-4800

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