Finding the Best Social Security Disability Attorneys in Carson, CA

social security attorneys CarsonIf you have become ill or disabled and are unable to work, you may need to rely on Social Security benefits to support yourself and your family. Because you need the maximum benefits you can collect – and you need them quickly – choosing the right Social Security Disability Attorney can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

But with so many attorneys out there – on the Internet and on TV – how do you find and choose the best Social Security attorney in the Carson Area? Here is a list of criteria you should consider when searching for a Social Security Attorney in Carson.

Look for Attorneys who Specialize in Social Security in the Carson Area

When you are considering hiring a Social Security attorney it is important to determine if they specialize in Social Security – or if Social Security is just one of many types of law that they practice.

Social Security is a complicated area of law. It is governed by a unique set of regulations & procedures that apply only to Social Security claims & appeals. Attorneys who handle hundreds of Social Security cases will know these laws & procedures much better than attorneys who only occasionally handle SSD cases.

Social Security cases are also handled in a completely different “system” than other types of cases. Social Security hearings are held in separate buildings than other types of cases – before completely different hearing officers, adjudicators and judges than other types of cases. An attorney who handles Social Security cases all day every day will know the individual judges and hearing officers who will be deciding your case – which may enable them to obtain a superior results in your case.

At the Law Firm of Cantrell Green, all we do is represent injured and disabled individuals. We are experts in every aspect of Social Security Law – because we have handled thousands of Social Security Cases, obtaining millions of dollars in benefits for our clients. Our SSD attorneys also develop relationships with the hearing officers and judges individually – so they understand what each one is looking for in granting approval of a Social Security Claim.

Look for Social Security Super Lawyers in the Carson, CA Area

Super Lawyers is an independent, objective, national rating that recognizes excellence in attorneys. To be a Super Lawyer, an attorney must have achieved the highest degree of peer recognition and the highest level of professional accomplishments. Only 5% of attorneys in the country qualify for Super Lawyers recognition.

At Cantrell Green we have had Super Lawyers on our team every year for over a decade – demonstrating our ability and our respect in the legal community.

What About Carson Social Security Attorneys in Television Commercials?

Keep in mind that television commercials are simply “advertising” – created by slick ad agencies that are being paid thousands of dollars to make a law firm “look good”. An attorney can say pretty much anything they want in a commercial – including claims that they are “the best”! So a television commercial is not an effective means of picking an attorney.

Select a Carson Area Social Security Attorney who will Handle your Case Personally

When interviewing an attorney, it is very important to ask if he or she will be handling every aspect of your case personally, or if they will be passing the work down to their paralegals, law clerks or assistants. In our decades of experience, we have come to believe that SSD cases handled by non-attorneys are often likely to settle for far less than their actual value.

At the law firm of Cantrell Green your Social Security case will always be handled personally by your own, experienced Social Security attorney from beginning to end. Your attorney will be with you during every step of your case – as a caring listener and an aggressive advocate – to make certain that you obtain the maximum benefits for which you qualify.

Hire an Honest, Caring Social Security Attorney in the Carson, CA Area

Our Social security attorneys offer a free sixty to ninety minute consultation with an experienced Social Security attorney (NOT a law clerk or a paralegal like some other firms), in order to thoroughly understand your legal situation – and give you an opportunity to get to know us personally and ask as many questions as you like.

Based on our decades of experience, we will then give you an honest and accurate evaluation of your case. We will never make promises we cannot keep – and we will not sugar-coat or inflate the value of your case – just to get your business. We will always treat you with the utmost respect, keep you informed of your case’s progress and answer your phone calls whenever you need to speak with us.

If you have an injury, illness or disability that prevents you from working, we are here to help you. We have collected millions of dollars for thousands of disabled individuals in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Carson area.

For a free consultation with a Social Security Attorney in the Carson area, Call: 562-622-4800

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