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Social Security Disability Lawyers vs. Advocates

Social Security Lawyers vs. Social Security Advocates- In this article our Anaheim area lawyers explain the difference between Social Security Disability Lawyers & Social Security Disability Advocates. Most people do not realize that many of the Social Security Disability “firms” that they see advertising on TV and the sides of buses are “advocates,” and are […]

Attorneys Can Sue an Employer Beyond Workers Comp

Can I Sue for My Injury if I Collect Workers’ Comp? Our experienced workers comp attorneys understand that a workplace injury can be devastating – financially, personally and emotionally. And if your work related injury or illness was preventable – and/or caused by the carelessness or negligence of someone else – you may be especially, […]

Los Angeles Lawyers Discuss The History of “Workmans Comp” Laws

Workmans Comp vs. Workers Comp: Our Workers Compensation attorneys are often asked if it is more proper to say “Workmans Compensation” or “Workers’ Compensation”. This article discusses the history of Workers’ Comp laws – and how the terminology has evolved over time. Origin of “Workmens Compensation” & “Workmens Comp” Lawyers Los Angeles In the 1850s […]

Los Angeles Lawyers Explain Police & Fire Fighter Benefit Increases

Los Angeles Attorneys Report an Increase in Police & Fire Fighter Disability Retirement Benefits – California Pension Reform Raises Safety Officer Disability Benefit: Pension reform legislation was passed in 2012 and became effective as of January 1, 2013 – and these changes bring good news for many disabled police officers and firefighters. The new California […]

Long Beach Lawyers Protect Police & Firefighter Disability Benefits

Los Angeles Area Lawyers Explain Police & Firefighter Disability Benefits Concerns – Orange County Media Unfairly Attacks Police & Firefighter Disability Benefits in California: As experienced disability lawyers who have represented hundreds of disabled police officers and firefighters, we respect and admire our hard-working California public safety officers. They put their lives on the line for […]

Los Angeles Defense Base Act Lawyers Explain Workers Comp Changes

Legislative Changes Concern Los Angeles Defense Base Act Lawyers – Will Civilian Government Employees Workers Comp Benefits Be Protected? Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, Lawyers Big changes may be ahead for the Defense Base Act – which is the law that provides workers’ compensation for injured civilian employees working abroad for US Government contractors. The Department […]