Workers Comp for Eye Injury, Vision Problems & Blindness

Workers Comp for Eye Injuries & Vision Problems

Unfortunately, eye injuries on the job – and eye conditions related to work – are relatively common. The good news is that California’s workers’ compensation program allows workers with most work-related vision disorders to obtain Workers Comp benefits.

Whether the eye or vision disorder is the result of one single event at work – or the result of repeated activities in the workplace over time – a California worker can collect workers’ comp benefits.

However, workers comp insurance adjusters often try to deny or minimize eye injury and vision disorder workers comp claims, by asserting that the vision disorder was actually caused by something other than work activities. They may deny a workers comp claim by contending that the condition was actually the result of heredity, a pre-existing disease, a communicable illness, or another non-work activity.

When this happens it is essential to consult with an experienced Workers Comp attorney who is familiar with eye injury and blindness cases.

Causes of Workers Comp Eye Injuries

No workplace is immune from the danger of eye injuries. While dangerous conditions are more common in industrial, construction or manufacturing workplaces – hundreds of American’s damage their eyesight in office and retail settings, too.

Common Workers Comp Eye Injuries:

A single event, accident or trauma may lead to the eye injury or vision impairment, including:

  • scratched cornea;
  • metal, dust or glass particles in the eye;
  • chemical splashes or burns;
  • welder’s flash burns;
  • exposure to smoke or noxious or poisonous gases;
  • trauma to the face or damage to the bones surrounding the eyes;
  • exposure to communicable diseases & bloodborne pathogens.

Long-Term Workers Comp Vision Disorders:

Additionally, many workers will develop vision disorders over time rather than due to any single accident or event causing damage to the eye. For example; computer workers may face increased risk of eyestrain from long hours staring at a monitor – resulting in nearsightedness or other vision disorders.

Similarly, employees who do lose-up, fine work such as sewing or assembling small electronic parts may suffer vision disorders brought on by repeated eyestrain.

Qualifying for Workers Comp for Eye Injury or Vision Problems

While mild or moderate eye injuries may heal quickly, some vision disorders may eliminate a worker’s ability to perform their job either temporarily or even permanently – especially in cases of partial or total blindness.

As long as the eye injury or illness: (1.) occurred at (or was directly related to) your job; and (2.) it prevents you from performing your job; you should be eligible to collect workers compensation for your vision problems.

Our Attorneys Get the Workers Comp Benefits You Deserve for Eye Injury or Vision Problems

If you suffered an Eye Injury, Vison Problems or Blindness as a result of performing your job, our experienced Long Beach Workers Comp attorneys are here to help you. If your employer or their workers comp insurance adjuster has denied your benefits – or has made claims that your eye condition is not work related – call our attorneys as soon as possible.

Remember injured workers have a limited time to appeal a Workers Comp denial. But a Workers Comp attorney who is has experience with vision problem cases will be able to help you present the documentation you need to help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

Our Workers Comp attorneys have obtained millions of dollars for disabled, vision impaired and blind workers. Our attorneys know how the California Workers Comp system works and how to fight for you to obtain the maximum benefits for which you qualify.

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