Why Was my Workers Comp Claim Denied?

Workers’ comp claims may be denied for many reasons. Remember that when you file a workers’ compensation claim, it is your employer’s insurance company that must approve the claim and pay the benefits. And since every claim they pay is money “out of their pocket” they will often look for any and every reason to deny your claim.

If you workers’ compensation claim was denied, you should have received a letter stating the claim was denied. The letter should state the reasons your claim was denied.

Call our workers comp attorneys if:

(1.) you did not receive a denial letter, or

(2.) if the denial letter does not state a reason for denial, or

(3.) if you do not understand the letter or the reason, or

(4.) if you disagree with the reason for denial.

We have handled thousands of workers’ comp denials – and we can explain what is going on, and help you fight for the workers’ comp you deserve.

Common Reasons for Workers Comp Denial

(1.) The claim was not reported or filed on time

(2.) The proper forms were not filed

(3.) The proper medical records and documentation were not files

(3.) The employer disputes the accident ever happened

(4.) The employer disputes the accident happened at work

(5. ) The employer disputes that the injury or illness is a result of the work conditions

(6.) The employer believes your injuries are not severe enough to prevent you from working

Workers Comp Denials Can be Appealed

In the vast majority of workers comp denials, the denial can be appealed. Having the representation of an experienced workers comp attorney can ensure that everything is submitted properly on appeal – and give you the best chance of being approved.

In some cases your attorney may need to gather additional evidence to support your workers’ compensation claim. This might be eye-witness accounts about where and when the accident occurred. It may be a statement from your doctor(s) indicating that your condition was caused by or at your workplace. Or it may be additional medical examinations and records supporting the extent of your injuries.

If you were injured or made ill at work and you were denied workers compensation benefits, call our experienced Orange County attorneys today. We will help you understand why you were denied – and explain your rights going forward with an appeal.

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