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California Public Employees Retirement System: Disability Retirement Application & Appeals – Los Angeles, Orange County

If you are a disabled CalPERS member, our experienced disability lawyers can help you understand your disability retirement benefits, and get you the maximum benefits that you deserve.

Two types of employee disability retirement are offered for CalPERS employees: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Anaheim

CalPERS Disability Retirement – An employee may collect Cal PERS disability even if the cause of disability is not related to employment.
CalPERS Industrial Disability Retirement – An employee may collect Cal PERS industrial disability only if the disability is due to a job-related injury or illness.

Under CalPERS, monthly disability or industrial disability retirement benefits will be paid to CalPERS member employees if they are:

(1.) “Unable to perform the usual duties of their current position due to an illness or injury that is expected to be permanent or of an undetermined duration”; and,
(2.) “They also cannot perform the usual duties of their position for any other California CalPERS employers” (which includes State agencies, schools, and local public agencies).”

The disabled employee’s application for disability or industrial disability may be submitted by either the member of CPERS or the employer. A determination is made after a complete review of the disabled worker’s medical records, as well as their employment information.

The CalPERS member’s benefits are then determined according to:

(1.) The CalPERS member’s employer (State, school, or local public agency);
(2.) The CalPERS member’s occupation (general office, safety, industrial, peace officer, firefighter); and,
(3.) The specific provisions in the contract between CalPERS and the employer.

Our Experienced Disability Lawyers get the Maximum CalPERS Disability Retirement You Deserve – Los Angeles, Orange County

Our experienced disability attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of disability retirement appeals on behalf of Cal PERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) employees.

If you are a CalPERs member (or other public employee) in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California, and you would like to apply for disability retirement – or appeal a disability retirement denial – our experienced attorneys can help ensure you get the maximum benefits you deserve through Cal PERS.

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