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If you are a Los Angeles County worker and you have been disabled due to an accident, injury, illness or disease, our law firm can help you understand and obtain the disability retirement benefits you deserve.

LACERA requires that an employee must be “permanently incapacitated” and “unable to perform their regular job duties” in order to collect disability retirement benefits.

LACERA offers two types of disability retirement: Los Angeles Attorney

(1.)  Service-connected disability retirement (SCD) — 

Permanent disability resulting from an illness or injury directly related to the employee’s County employment. The BOR must find a direct causational link to the workplace in order to grant a service-connected disability retirement.

(2.)  Nonservice-connected disability retirement(NSCD) — 

Permanent disability resulting from an illness or injury not related to the employee’s County employment.

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LACERA disability retirement claims require the submission of complicated forms, detailed medical documentation and extensive employment records. Then a “retirement specialist” interviews the applicant and later sends them to one of LACERA’s own panel physicians to be examined. The determination regarding the request for a disability retirement is then based upon the recommendation of the panel physician(s) and the disability retirement specialist.

As a result of this complex process (and potentially biased “in-house” doctors), deserving LACERA members are frequently denied their well-earned disability retirement benefits. In many instances, LACERA member employees are denied disability retirement simply because they did not complete the application process correctly. In other situations the disabled employee may not have provided medical records that “panel” considers sufficient.

For this reason, it is essential to consult with a disability retirement lawyer who is experienced in LACERA cases, in order to ensure that you receive the maximum disability retirement benefits you deserve is to consult.

Our LACERA Disability Lawyers get the Maximum Disability Retirement – Los Angeles, LA, L.A.

Our experienced disability attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of disability retirement applications and appeals on behalf of LACERA (Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association) employees.

If you are an LACERA member (or other public employee) in the greater Los Angeles area, and you would like to apply for disability retirement – or appeal a disability retirement denial – our experienced attorneys can help ensure you get the maximum benefits you deserve through LACERA.

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